Lady Gaga "Marry the Night" Video: Released, Epic!

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Lady Gaga's 13-minute self-directorial music video triumph, "Marry the Night," has finally been unveiled. Part autobiographical and ALL spectacle, it's a music video event not to be missed ... if you have that long to sit and watch it of course.

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    How can people say the story at the start of Marry the Night video is boring ? Its about the day she tried to commit suicide. Some people are made of stone. And drugs ? Please she stopped taking cocaine ages ago. So to all those people who thought this shit bout Gaga take another look and revalute your currently disgusting opinions of the best singer that ever lived ♥


    I can't stop watching this video. The more I see of it, the more I'm impressed. I think it may actually be better than Telephone and Bad Romance due to its emotional raw power. Gaga has done an amazing job as her first directorial debut, I must say. Wow!


    jealous bitches and gays are hating. i certainly got a boner from it.


    @NoNo13 I fully agree with you! She needs to calm down and hopefully start again the way she first did. But if you think of it most celebrities starts of innocent and safe but than fame and fortune goes to their heads!!!


    Lady Gagas 'Marry the Night' and 'Telephone' Music videos are very innapropriate! She has alot of young fans that look up to her because, of her ORIGIONALLITY. Now she has taken it overboard. She has become a different inpiration since the grammys of 2010. I seriously sugest that she takes a step back, or she has to step out. I am a fan of her musical genius. She is very talented but her designers ( The house of Gaga) the group who gives her Gaga Has to work harder on making her eye catching, interesting and appropriate. xoxo your love, Nono


    its kinda boring at first but when gaga started singing, its epic! i love how gaga cope up with her struggles and my fav part is when she helped the ballerina, it made me realize that i can be the best that i can be, and i will do anything to reach for my dreams, this vid was an Inspiration.


    Hello lady gaga Were you at a target today....I swear I saw you.


    i didn't like it at all actually it wasn't good besides she's not cool when she's naked so she gotta stop being not nice just be a good role model for ur fan i'm really sorry for her no offense guys but lady gaga isn' the best at all


    All I could think of when I watched this video is, someone should get Gaga off drugs before she really loses it. I thought the Edge of Glory video was a bit embarrassing for someone of her standing, but this one takes the cookie so far. I thought the "story" in the beginning was just mortifying. But the end part was entertaining. Though I really don't want to see Lady Gaga naked. Please Gaga, I really, really don't. If you want to make porn, just do it and call it for what it is. On a positive note, the song is good.


    Loved the song, video could have been a bit more cohesive, not so disjointed.

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