Adam Carolla Slams Occupy Wall Street Protestors as Envious "A--holes"

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We're anxious to see what Priscilla Grim has to say about this...

In a podcast recorded in October, but first making its way around the Internet now, Adam Carolla lays into the Occupy Wall Street movement.

"We are now dealing with the first wave of participation trophy, my-own-fecal-matter-doesn't-stink, empowered... everybody's a winner, there are no losers - we are dealing with the first wave of those f*-cking a--holes," Carolla says of those who have rallied against income inequality in America over the last couple months. "They haven't been prepared for life."

Carolla believes most of the protestors are full of "envy and shame" because they can't get a job, adding:

"It used to be, back in the day, father'd be walking his son down the sidewalk and you'd see a guy go by in a Rolls Royce and the father would say, 'There goes Mr. Jenkins. Look up to him. That guy works hard. That guy built a company...

"But what do we do now? Now it's like, 'Oh! Look at him. Does he need that car? Why does he need that car? I'm driving a f-ckin Chevette. Why does he get to drive that f-ckin car? Let's go and throw a f-ckin rock at it.' That's not going to help you get out of the Chevette, douche. Get the f-ck to work."

Conversely, Miley released a video last month that gave props to those behind the cause.

Where do you stand on Occupy Wall Street?


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