Kendra Wilkinson to Develop Sex Product Line

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Kendra Wilkinson is one of the lucky ones. She will soon make a living doing what she loves: talking endlessly about her sex life.

The former Girl Next Door has partnered with Evolved Novelties on her own line of intimate products, titled LoveCandy, which will include aromatherapy, bath and body products, lingerie collection... let's call them "novelty" items.

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"I'm focused on finding that balance between mom and wife and my hectic career," Kendra said of the project. "And I'm always looking for ways to keep the spark in my relationship with Hank. I'm really excited to be creating a line that will help all women take control of their sexuality, and make them feel confident."

A website in honor of the new venture will launch later this month, as Kendra will blog on it, answer reader questions and interact with Evolved Novelties "sexpert" Dr. Ava Cadell.

No, really. That's her title. We wonder what she went to med school for.



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Kendra is a White Negro whose popularity has run its course! Her stupid Husband can no longer get a NFL job that's why he is selling TV's at Best Buy. Kendra is another living example as to how STUPID you White Women have become. She showed the World she didnt " Take NO SHIT" and now she lays in a Bed of Shit! Her Mouth and arrogance is her poison. Women like her is the reason White Women are looked at as Trash in today's world.


Kendra came to Australia for a week without her husband and son,I saw her at a basketball game and anyone that came near her she ignored and was getting her security guard to send them away. I have come to the conclusion that she is only nice when the cameras are on!


I luv kendra bt most of all her son


@niki: thks for the advice, maybe i do need to watch my spelling some n peace.


@niki: i really respect you for recognising how bad Hugh Hefner is and others like him. Yeh, im also glad Kendra left that hell house and now she has a beautiful child and wonderful husband. But u say she is talking about sex advice...i mean isnt that what hugh hefner encouraged them to be, ie. only all about sex? i really feel for her, i hear your point. i think kendra is really talented and not only in the area of sex. she could do somthing else, like teach other mamas out there how to care for their lil babies. That wud be sweet. lol


@I hate Hugh Hefner and other Perverts, oh and next time when asking what is wrong with your grammEr, try to get the spelling right! It's grammAr, go take an English course.


@I hate Hugh Hefner and other Perverts , no I'm actually far from being a Kendra fan, but unlike everyone else I don't find anything wrong with what she's doing now. And don't think that I by any means like Hugh Hefner and his house of whores, I'm against that. But Kendra is out of there now and has a family. Understand that she really is not able to do something substantial and deep, given her past, however helping out women with their sexuality is something that she really can do, and why not, right? And how is she following in the road of hugh hefner? As far as I'm know he isn't trying to " help all
women take control of their sexuality, and make
them feel confident". I really don't see the point you're trying to make.


i don't understand why everyone is talking so much crap about her. she's doing her thing, even if you don't agree with it. look at all of you sitting around on a computer bad mouthing her.. looks like your lives are much better.


Once a whore, always a whore.

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