Jerry Sandusky Released on Bail, Under House Arrest

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A day after getting arrested on new sex abuse charges, former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky has been released on bail.

Sources tell TMZ that Sandusky's wife wrote a $50,000 personal check to help make the $250,000 bond, with the rest coming out of Sandusky's real estate holdings.

Jerry Sandusky Mug Shot

The disgraced ex-coach - who is now accused of forcing himself on a young boy in his own basement, while the child screamed for help from Sandusky's wife - must remain at home, a court has ruled, and has been barred from contact with anyone related to the case.


OMG! Just heard that Dottie Sandusky's FATHER said Jerry molested HIM---Jerry's own father-in-law. But guess what? Dottie is stickin' by her husband. (He made better money than her father ever did.)
House arrest. Very, very harsh ruling. On the other hand, Jerry and Dottie have lots of time alone now and can catch up on that sex life they never had.


It's sad to think that the wives of both Sanduskuy & Fine knew that their husbands were perverts and still stayed with them.

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