Angelina Jolie Gushes Over Brad Pitt, Family

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Angelina Jolie is opening up more these days than ever before.

A few days after appearing on Nightline and addressing the issue of marriage, excerpts from an interview Jolie gave to Marie Claire have become available online.

Angelina Jolie Marie Claire Cover

“He has expanded my life in ways I never imagined," the actress tells the magazine. "We built a family. He is not just the love of my life, he is my family. I hold that very dear. I suppose what I’ve learned from Brad is to be able to have the kind of family whose happiness and well-being comes before your own. I’m very, very grateful to have such a loving family, and I wouldn’t have that without him."

Sounds like she's a fan of the guy, doesn't it?

Jolie also touched on her children (Maddox will "take care" of her when she's sad; Pax is "extremely wild.") and made it sounds like her and Pitt might someday add to their adorable brood.

“Nothing planned at the moment, but we just don’t know," she said. "I could end up pregnant.”


I think people sometimes overlook that she's a celebrity first and foremost. This entails crafting and marketing a public image that most celebs use to maintain fame and status. It seems that Jolie's humanitarianism is sincere, but I personally don't think she is above using it to draw attention to herself. She seems to do the same with her family. These are the things that people identify her with now and therefore the things that she knows will keep people buzzing about her. If she really wanted to be reclusive, she absolutely could be, even despite her high-profile reputation. She is likely one of the shrewdest businesswomen in the entertainment industry. She knows exactly when, how and what moves to make to promote herself so that she never slips out of public consciousness. So in my opinion, she's both fake and sincere.


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I don t understand why people have to dubt her. Women change. She could have been lost for years, but only because she wanted to shock people, and that is natural when u are younger. And then she decided to adopt Maddox and maternity transform women. I myself had changed completely after being a mother, and of course, BEFORE being a mother, I was already very different at 15, 20, 25, 30.... things change ppl. Why does she have to be coherent or act like everyone expects? That would be phoney


I don't get the Angelina hatred.....I liked her better in her Lara Croft days but she IS talented, she's doing good things, she IS beautiful and who cares if she's a little eccentric? She's always been 'weird'. That doesn't go away, it simply changes with the person.


Seriously @ you four losers below me Get a life!! Stop questioning other peoples lives. Angelina has done some great charity work while you idiots sit on your butts the whole day!!! So why should you'll criticize her????


Yup. The photo is super photoshoped!


Jolie is a pathological liar, a very manipulative shallow person. Untalented and UNCOOL. Can't stand her.


Ok that is the most photoshoped pic I have ever seen. Her jaw looks nothing like that.


She is a big phoney!!!!!!!


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