Wilson Ramos: Rescued in Venezuela!

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Wilson Ramos is safe and sound.

The Washington Nationals catcher, who was kidnapped earlier this week at gunpoint in his native Venezuela, was discovered by local authorities yesterday and has reconciled with his family, The Washington Post reports.

Wilson Ramos Card

"It's a special moment for his family," Ramos' agent, Gustavo Mercado, said in a statement to the newspaper. "We're all happy. We're grateful."

FBI Agent Chris Voss confirmed the incident took place due to the "money [Ramos] could produce," while five people have been arrested for the abduction.

"I don't know who those people were," Ramos said. "I know they're Colombians by their accent. Three guys grabbed me there in front of my house, they took me to another SUV and from there they took me into the mountains... thanks to God, everything turned out well."

The ballplayer also thanked the police and National Guard commandos who rescued him, saying "the boys did a great job."


I love happy endings! Best of luck to Wilson & I hope he's considering a book about his experience.


I'm happy to hear this story fortunately he was rescue and is know save with his family we don't hear good news like this often.