The X Factor Results: Who Got Eliminated?

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The first night of X Factor live results made one thing rather clear: group acts are in trouble on season one.

After millions of votes were tallied, the two bottom performers were Stereo Hogzz and InTensity... with InTensity the first X Factor finalist of 2011 voted out.

InTensity on Stage

Both groups had one final shot at winning over the panel, with the Hogzz covering "Emotion" and InTensity going with "My Life Would Suck Without You."

It was then down to the judges, as Simon selected the Hogzz; Paula voted for InTensity; Nicole reluctantly also chose to send InTensity home; and L.A. swooped in to make it a 3-1 final tally.

Did the right group get eliminated?


I think Paula and L.A Reid should go


The Stereo Hogzz, could be the next Temptations, they have the moves and stage presences, however they need to change the lead singer. His voice is not strong enough or dynamic enough to carry the group.


P;ease let Chris Rene sing AND rap together --he has an incredible
voice and everyone doesn't relate to rap--his singing voice should be heard too


Has anyone else noticed that Drew looks exactly like Marianne Faithfull


I was shocked that the two groups got the lowest votes, because I thought people would vote for their individual family members/friends in each group, giving groups an advantage over the other individual acts.
Next season, I hope groups are eliminated...


so sorry,.


I sorry you got eliminated.