Oops: Rick Perry Campaign Goes Down in Flames at GOP Debate

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Texas Governor Rick Perry produced by far the most memorable moment of Wednesday's Republican presidential debate, and his campaign likely ended in the process.

Already characterized as unready for prime time after several poor debate performances cast serious doubts on his candidacy, Perry hit a new low last night.

It's one thing to have a bad outing ... but Perry never has a good one, and in this almost comical clip, he had no idea what he was even talking about on stage:

Perry tried to name three federal agencies he would eliminate if he is elected president, but came up with just two: the Commerce and Education Departments.

Struggling to come up with #3, Perry received encouragement from one of his rivals, Rep. Ron Paul, who suggested he should actually eliminate five agencies.

Someone then suggested that maybe Perry was talking about the Environmental Protection Agency. No, he said that wasn't the third. But what was it, then?

No clue. After an awkward pause, he drew a blank, offering only a simple "Oops."

You wonder why virtual unknown Herman Cain became the Tea Party darling ...


@ Rick Perry,
No relations to former Journey frontman Steve Perry!!
Don't Stop Believing!!
Better Yet, Keep Showing The Voters how good you are at thinking on your own. I can easily believe that when your days are over and done at the Governor's Mansion, you and potato(e) spelling Dan Quayle can hang out with Jeff Foxworthy to see if you are indeed smarter than a 5th grader. PEACE!!


Got Early Dementia? To me he always has a slightly blank look in the eyes in interviews. His forgetting the agency name kind of confirms mabye early brain aging?


Wow, how ignorant whoever said Texans are typically somewhat retarded. Hun, all humans can make mistakes or forget things at some point or another. Perry's forgetfullness was pretty funny actually but to claim it as "retarded"...it's not like he started listing agencies that didn't exist...he
simply forget. Texans are not retarded...funny how you don't write your name, convenient.


Somewhat retarded.


Funny Dude.I guess the scotch before the debate didn't help calm his nerves afterall.

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