Natalie Wood Investigation: Unlikely to Yield Results

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The death of Natalie Wood has remained a mystery for 30 years, but some in the L.A. County D.A.'s Office are puzzled as to why the investigation was re-opened.

They say it's extremely unlikely that the D.A. is going to prosecute the late actress' then-husband, Robert Wagner, or anyone else for her tragic 1981 drowning.

Although the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. says Wagner isn't a suspect, it's pretty clear that as the last person to see Natalie Wood alive, he's a person of interest.

Be that as it may, the statute of limitations has long since expired.

Under California law, even if (and it's a big if) Robert Wagner accidentally pushed Natalie Wood into the water, or failed to report her missing quickly, that's not murder.

The most he could be charged with is involuntary manslaughter, of which there's a statute of limitations of three years. In other words, he'd be in the clear 27 years ago. 

Same with regular manslaughter, which has a statute of three. Second-degree murder has a limit of six. Only first-degree murder has no statute of limitations. 

Proving that is next to impossible, as there were no witnesses other than Wagner.

So short of a bizarre confession by the veteran actor or someone else, don't expect any charges to be pressed, no matter what shady allegations are made.


Glad you found such a good deal. It's kind of nice when envyrthieg doesn't match perfectly anyway!Thanks for linking up today!


It's all so sad ! Poor Natalie Wood! Does it really take Miss Marple to solve that one ? They are all alive, why can't they tell the truth once and for all, that is the best thing they can do for themselves at their age ! (excuse me I got me a banging dinghy to fasten, let me put on my pyjamas and anorak, and off I go!)


Does the world have to be this CYNICAL? So someone who made a great deal of effort to allow the truth to come out has to be blamed for money-hunger. The captain, (I admitted he doesn't make a good TV presentation), has spoken the truth for years, but nobody took him seriously. Finally after years, he and his writer friend wrote the book to allow the truth to come out and also to propel the case being opened again. I for one actually salute for their courage and dedication on behalf of Ms. Natalie who doesn't relate to them at all. The truth must be told and the justice must be served even 30 years has passed.


At least, it's not a mistery any more! We all know who to blame. Pity he's responsible and won't pay for it. Maybe his children knowing for sure he is to blame will be enough of a havoc. Let him rotten in hell.


The Captain seems a less than reliable witness, given that he now claims he lied so many years ago, especially since he also wrote a book about the event. Hard to believe it took 30 years for his conscience to get the better of him. And since he was the boat's captain, he didn't need anyone's permission to turn on the searchlight and/or contact the authorities.


Ummm. Could it be reopened as a publicity stunt to sell the new book?