Kim Kardashian Kancels Australian Appearances!

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Kim Kardashian just kan't go on, folks. Due to instructions from her PR team never-before-felt levels of distress, the reality star has gone ahead with the unthinkable: she has kalled off an appearance in Australia.

As part of her handbag promotion Down Under, Kim was scheduled to attend The Melbourne Cup today, a thoroughbred horse race that reportedly would have paid the narcissistic star $150,000.

Kim and Khloe Down Under

An insider tells TMZ that Kim is heading back to the United States, having said to a friend: "I need to take care of me now, and I can't work for awhile."

Considering her work involves standing on a red carpet and smiling, which would NOT jibe with her supposedly broken heart, this actually makes sense. Kim told an Australian morning show yesterday that she needs a break.

Not sure if paparazzi will give her one in Los Angeles.



At last some rationality in our little dbtaee.


for gods sake it wasnt the melbourne cup it was Stakes day saturday she was suppose to attend so for all the people saying how could she have done when melbourne cup was on tuesday there are other races people besides the melbourne cup .


I do agree with alot of people these kardashian are nothing but untalented whores who would do, say anything to steal your hard earned money. America wake up they are representing you and that is not what America is all about. KK is walking around like a prima dona, SHE IS NOT.... just remember... her sex tape in which the guy piss on her at the end. I read it somewhere. How disgusting that is. SHe can keep her clothes, cars, homes etc she still a whore of the worse kind. MB


I saw her pictures on her website NASTING!!!


Melbourne Cup was on Tuesday.


Kind of hard to miss the Melbourne Cup on Thursday when it was already run on Tuesday. Anyway, if she had tried to go on Tuesday she would have been competing with all the other celebrities who pile into the race. The Melbourne Cup gets about 100,000 people and every second celebrity and their pet dog turning up. You can't move for tripping over some starlet or other lying comatose on the ground. She would have just missed out on some lesser races of the Spring Racing Carnival (there are a lot of them because it runs during..well, all spring - hence the name.)


LOL Plastic piece of shit really fucked up her face. HA HA HA HA HA


She earned it,you can do the same.


I agree with "bird" and lotus. American people you are a beautiful nation.. stand up and stop being brain washed with this worthless type of entertainment that is robbing your lyfs and degrading it. Lead the way for the world to see the inner beauty that yourl have. Aspire to have qualities lyk decent Americans as Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincon etc. Dont look up to people lyk Hugh Hefner...dont support anything to do with this type of low lyf people.Yourl are not just a nation of sex and the act of sex..Yourl are greater than that! Look at your statue of Liberty..she is the true essence of the american woman, decent, dignified and symbol of purity and hope for all.


Forget about this stupid people. Wake up Americans. Why we need to eat this trash they try to feed us. We have to respect our self by not watching their ugly show where moral does not have a place. If she think that she is beautiful, she is wrong. Ugly, brainless girl no no actual live value. Human trash, who think they royal....


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