Will Drew Ryniewicz Advance on The X Factor?

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Drew Ryniewicz adores Justin Bieber.

But will Simon Cowell express equal affection for this 14-year old X Factor contestant?

The Arizona native sang her heart out for her group's mentor last night, covering a song by Roxette that came out before she as born. Simon seemed impressed by the vocals, but concerned over Drew's age. Is she too young to advance? Watch the audition now and sound off: Should Ryniewicz make it to the next round?

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This girl is amazing I don't care what anyone says this girls has talent age should not be a factor I'd rather listen to her version of songs the the original. If she gets voted off I won't be watching this show anymore. Even if she doesn't make it I hope someone sees her talent and how much people love her voice and give her a record deal.


Don't invite 14 year olds to audition if you're going to get them in the finals and say they're too young......that's like saying other contestants are too old.....Drew has the BEST voice of this season... and there's just something about her that draws you in to make you wanna keep watching her......She is the best on that show.... they cut her and it is gonna be the worst mistake ever....


i agree, if u open up inviting preteens to audition. you shouldn't stop them from advancing because of their age. This young lady as a tremendous voice and i think she should move on along with Stacy and Josh my favorites.


no offense thg but i dont think your using the right head when you talk about talent. caitlin koch is good but not great. her voice is beautiful but she has no ...range? is that the right word? she only has one style of singing. shes good i like her but shes by far not the best. this girl though ^ only 14 and she can sing like that? im jealous! im not saying your "wrong" cuz its an opinion ^_^ but imagine what they can teach her!!!


She is too good to even consider cutting. And if 13 year old Rachel whatshername is still in the running - so is Drew. Drew gets better with each performance. She absolutely deserves to be in the top 16. SHE EARNED that right.


I swear if she gets kicked off the show I will not watch. There is no reason she shouldnt be in the finals. She is a star


If you included age down to 14, don't you have to truly consider Drew Ryniewicz or any other that young who HAS the voice? What would be the point of disqualifying her because of the age?