Scotty McCreery vs. Zooey Deschanel vs. Demi Lovato: National Anthem-Off!

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Forget batting averages with runners in scoring position. Toss out WHIP. Ignore the failed hit-and-runs.

The 2011 World Series between the Rangers and the Cardinals has been all about the music, as a diverse trio of stars has opened three of the games with rousing versions of the national anthem.

We had an American Idol winner (Scotty McCreery), the lead on Fox's New Girl (Zooey Deschanel) and the latest young notch on Wilmer Valderrama's bedpost. Who did his or her country most proud? Compare the versions below and then cast your vote...



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u suck april alsilon is the best i will definately purchase all of her albums i love her three should be alsilon,adam,and danny but alsilon to win ..GO ALLISON!!!! .


I think scotty sang the Best i like demi but i hate to say this i realy do but she screamed.but still i liked scotty i have been seeing him the whole season on American Idol. He is great!


is scotty song really great to a majority in america? he doesnt evern sound good to me, yeah, he has that accent but aside from that, nothing, no soul, just accent, no charm, just accent. or does a majority of americans just let their choices be made by those whom they think know what music should be & just go gaga over whatever those self proclaimed "influencial" people say.


Excuse me.. I meant they all "left" alot to be desired!


Scott definitely sang the wrong words. It had nothing to do with his "southern drawl". Personally, I thought they all leaved a lot to be desired. How about letting the pros sing it like Streisand, Midler, Bennett, etc.?


Scotty Mccreery's voice is distinct and unmistakable. I could recognize it anywhere now and ten years from now. As for the others, I couldn't tell them apart or any other female soprano singer for that matter. My vote goes to Scotty because he sings with deep emotion and authencity. The producers should invite him back to sing again.


Scotty was by far the best of the three. Not only did he sing it perfectly but he also sang it with a lot of emotions.


Scotty did NOT mess up the words. With his southern drawl and trying to stretch out the note it made it sound like no jose....He did a GREAT job just as he always does.


"Demi screamed it, that was awful" Apparently you don't know the difference between screaming and vocal projection. Any idiot would go for Demi. Scotty learn the words idiot.


This is a contest? C'mon, Scotty wins hands down.. only one who can actually sing... and boy can he sing... a capella and still in pitch with that tough anthem. I am impressed.