Rachel Crow Wants It That Way: X Factor Audition

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Might the strongest challenge to Melanie Amaro, our presumed X Factor favorite through one month, be a 13-year old girl from Boulder, Colorado?

Rachel Crow continued to display poise and talent far beyond her age last night, auditioning for Simon Cowell with a cover of "I Want It That Way," one of The Backstreet Boys' most popular tracks.

Simon loved the crooner's deep tone and referred to the performance as simply "unbelievable." Does this mean Rachel is through to the next round? We'll find out tomorrow night. For now, just sit back and marvel at the 13-year old sensation:

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i can onlysay i'm sorry i haven'tbeen voting and trust me i think simon will make you, drew, and melanie a recording conract. I think you shouldn't hhave gone home im not blaming it on nichole or anyone you just shouldn't have gone home. Can't wait till your album is out


I think for a person her age already singing that wonderful is going places! She has a great voice and beautiul smile. I wish you lots of luck and God Bless You! We love you!


Well I LOVE her resemblance to Shirley Temple! I don't think that is an act at all. That is just Rachel. You go Girl!!!!


I can only say this you are just too talented for your own good, a young fire cracker. As a young talent..you posses a strong vocal. Good luck to you and your future endeavors. we love you!


I love Rachel Crow , she is the best and she is the reason why i watch the show . She handles the pressure soooooo well AND NOooo make up !!!! ! Thanks ! thanks ! thanks Rachel !!!!!!! Please stay real , as you are , in a time where every girl try to look like a barby doll AND turn into a monster like , with too much plastic surgery .
You have it all my Love , you are amazing , i am proud of you . BEST OF LUCK to you
You have all my blessings


This girl is brilliant!! She has an amazing personality and a fantastic voice. The thing that makes her stand out the most is the fact that she looks and acts like a 13yr old girl all the other contestants her age look as if they 18...Rachel your amazing! best of luck to you...every performance brought me to tears! xx


Rachel and Heywood will both be going home on the same bus... and not soon enough.


Rachel is the real deal. This young girl feels no pressure like the
others do. Like most of you others, I watch this show for her now. After a bad day, I can come home and listen to her, if i were a boy, and totally get a huge smile on my face. Thank-you Rachel for
being you, you truely are a star, and 10s of thousands are cheering
you on. Good Luck!!


Rachel Crow is wise beyond her age. Unlike many of the older and more mature contestants, you don't see her crying or being really nervous.
If Simon did not choose her because "he's worried about the pressure", I would not watch the rest of X Factor. Rachel has my votes.


my complaint on this girl Rachel Crow is.....she is soooo damn young.... she has her whole life in front of her....is she talented...very much so.....but the cutesy shirley temple act is nauseating...... sorry, but that's my opinion......