Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil Show: Amazing!

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The performance of The Immortal - the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show - kicked off in Montreal, Quebec last night, and it's drawing rave reviews.

With several members of the Jackson family among the 13,000 (!) screaming fans, the Cirque performers did their thing to MJ's greatest hits catalog.

If you enjoy Cirque and/or Michael Jackson's music, the stunt filled show looks like it meshes the acrobatics and songs effortlessly and entertainingly.

The Immortal tour is set to roll through 47 cities before setting up shop in Vegas. It's nice to see some positive MJ news unrelated to Conrad Murray.

Check out this sneak preview of the MJ Cirque de Soleil show ...


This is the worst show that Cirque du soleil has put on.This is worst than an MTV video awards performance. The people at Cirque du Soleil are trying to cash in on a dead Michael Jackson ,but these people fail to imitate Michael Jackson and come off as being amateur circus clowns trying badly to dance to Michael Jackson's music.Why didn't Cirque Du Soleil put on this show when Michael Jackson was alive? Because Probably Michael Jackson would not have approved of this amateur gym show trying to perform to his music.This show shouldn't be about Michael Jackson it should be about greed,Doctor Murray and Cirque du Soleil trying to make money off Michael Jackson's corpse..I know that time will help judge the show .We just have to watch how long it's stays open.


Je t'aime toujours Farz


This would not seem to be the appropiate moment to premiere this show, the IMMORTAL WORLD TOUR OF CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, being that Michael has been murdered, the trial is taking place at present, AFTER 2 YEARS Justice for Michael has not YET been served, the world is STILL mourning his death, and SO there hasn't YET been a closure. Therefore, while it is true that to Michael's fans there is nothing in the world more exciting than listening to his music, as a matter of respect for his memory, and due to the fact that we are STILL grieving his passing, we would not be in the mood to attend any concert which Michael will never ever be able to attend.


sooo.... so bad i cd'nt attend


This looks amazing! I wish I could go.


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