Lindsay Lohan Kicked Out of Community Service Program, Flakes on Probation Tasks, is a Moron

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Looks like Lindsay Lohan's teeth aren't the only thing about her that's stained ... her reputation has been as well, given that this idiot was kicked out of her mandatory community service program for violating the rules numerous times.

A judge ordered Lohan to serve 360 hours at L.A.'s Downtown Women's Center, and to be reliable, professional, and work at least four hours at a time.

Sources say Lindsay blew off NINE visits, however, and when she did show up, she would often bail after working there for only an hour. What a moron.

Lohan: What a Freakin' Mess

As a result, Lohan was terminated from the Women's Center because of the violations and was assigned instead to a community service program at the Red Cross. 

No word on how that's gonna go over with Judge Stephanie Sautner.

That's not even the end of her issues, either. To make matters worse, Lohan has violated the judge's order by not seeing a psychologist at least once a week.

Sautner made it clear to Lindsay that she must see the shrink every week, and that work is not an excuse for failing to comply with the terms of probation.

Lohan has been missing appointmenes, and citing work commitments. Sautner has said that if Lindsay violates any court order, she's going to jail. Period.

To make a long story short, when she appears before Judge Sautner for her progress report next week, we foresee an orange jumpsuit in her future. Again.



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She is always in the news for negative issues.I think Lindsay is mentally sick period.


Why not stop bitching about the girl and show a bit of compassion. The author of this article is the one who needs rehab - back into the human race - not Lohan.


She was so stunning at 18. Now she looks worse than a street walker. I guess she actually must be continually screw the pooch the way she does.


Only a person who has a high disregard,and No respect for authority would allow herself to be dismissed from community services and face the possibility of another court proceeding and jail time. By all indications, Lilo feels that this is her world, and she can do anything that she wants and Not have to pay a penalty when it comes to the laws that are enforced for everybody else!!


I really don't respect the name calling. This person needs help, not some harpy waiting for her to stumble again.


I agree with you Bailey - how is she getting away with this? I thought she got tested for drugs and alcohol. She looks SO sick and mentally disturbed. Her brain has turned to mush. Gosh she looks terrible and scary!!


Oh yeah, going to jail ah blah blah. Means nothing, judge will do nothing. Lindsay will go scot free. This is why she feels that she can...because she CAN. BTW, she's not really rocking the bald and dirty look very well these days.


Mai-Trang Thi Nguyen: I totally agree!
And I hope LiLo will get some help and that everyting will be all right again.


she wont go 2 jail...she never does!!! No matter wut Jugde Sautner says!!!

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