Kim Kardashian Halloween Kostume: What Do You Think?

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Kim Kardashian ignored the rumors about her marriage last night - is it all a farce? - and got paid to party at New York City nightclub LAVO during an event sponsored by Midori.

And what did the professional celebrity dress as for the occasion? Poison Ivy, the Batman villain once portrayed on screen by Uma Thurman. All it was took was high heels, a cleavage-baring top and... wait, how is this any different than her usual red carpet outfits?

Kim Kardashian Costume

The party benefited a number of charities, with all cover charges going to causes that include... just kidding! Kim simply banked another six-figure payday for showing off her breasts.

What do you think of this costume?



She is beautiful and,ppl r just hating because they could never be on her shoes.. Love this girl...


If I had her amazing body . . . I would be a slut too. :D


i actually laugh @ all of her haters, including @THG. So fuck'n wut she got paid 2 show off her breast. ALL celebs get paid 2 make appearances, u'd kno that if u did UR job. She likes 2 show off her assets, others like 2 wear daisy dukes, hell, it does'nt fuck'n matter, while she's showin it off, U r makin $$ (or wutever it is u do&make)lol, by writing on it. So i'd thank her f i were u guys. 1/2 of ur stories r about her, so u shub b bowing down 2 her. Lmfao


her curves are perfect


Haters and non haters! who cares??? the haters hate because they are TIRED of the promotion they see of this lady all day long everywhere and non haters think they know her or that she is going to read their nice comments and be grateful or say thank you, so they are non haters really they are losers and dreamers! LOL


She looks like a walking STD, with puss ozzing out of her butt...or is that her face? Is she even standing back up yet? Slut. Major ick.


@ 2manyhaters lol idiot


I don't think comments about this "Hobbit" is hateful. You get on TV and you act like a Whimpering Money Hungry Slut then this is what your Fame brings you-The Truth! What can she actually do! Nothing Is the answer! A polished Hoe is still just a Hoe- no matter how much you polish her!


Love this costume! She looks great! Its pathetic how hateful people have to be though. The previous commenters wish they could look this good


She looks a Self Indulged "Flat on my back if he's Black" Ho! This skank makes we wish Paris Hilton was back! Talk about a Self Centered Family. And her Mother? Don't get me started.


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