Camille Grammer Details Husband's Divorce Reaction: No Remorse...

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You won't believe this, but Camille Grammer is speaking publicly about her divorce from Kelsey Grammer.

A Happy Housewife
Kelsey Grammer, Son

The Real Housewife is featured in the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine. When asked about her ex-husband's reaction to their split, Camille recounts an exchange she had with the father of her two children:

"[He became] a different person than the one I was married to. I said, 'We've been together 14 years. How can you just throw us away?' And he said, 'Fourteen? Oh, that's just a number.' I said, 'What about our kids?' and he said 'They'll get over it.' He was very cruel. He even said, 'I feel no remorse.'"

Kelsey and Camille continue to battle over those kids in court, of course.

When did Grammer know her marriage was over? When "the phone calls stopped," she says, and Kesley would just text her goodnight instead of checking in.

Kelsey, of course, has been anything for an angel himself. He even went on the Australian morning show Sunrise yesterday and said he got Camille her gig with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a "parting gift."

"It was a very difficult marriage and a very difficult decade," he said. "I thought, 'So long, here's a present for you.'"

Man, these two deserve each other. How did it not work out for them?!?

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I'm sure he's not as bad as she makes him sound. You saw the video? She kept asking for a divorce and he finally gave it to her! You can't just constantly use "I want a divorce" as some sort of scare tactic.


Kelsey...EXCUSE ME?!?!? Fella, are you HIGH, HORRIBLE OR HYPOCRITICAL?!?!? Of course, I'll say're ALL 3!!! AND WORSE!!! You arrogant, pompous and insufferable dare you treat Camille and (especially) those poor kids like that?!?!?! And I completely agree with LI Mom...the only victims here are the children!!! I am NOW an EX-FAN of yours!!! Furthermore, you shouldn't have ANY parental rights, no visitation of any kind...NOTHING!!! Also, your new wife looks like an ANOREXIC SKANK!!! Dude, your cold-hearted behavior DOES NOT surprise me...AT ALL!!! I hear that you've been IN AND OUT of trouble for years...alcoholism, drug use, extramarital affairs...the list goes on and on!!! Kelsey, hey, here's an IDEA...let Camille and those kids live their lives in peace!!! That way, Camille can concentrate on falling in love with and marrying A REAL FELLA...someone who'll PROUDLY step up to da' plate and make Camille and those kids TRULY HAPPY!!! UNLIKE YOU!!!!!




Kelsey was a sleeze long before he married the last two wives. I have more feelings for Camille than him as she cleaned up his addicted life and helped him a lot more than "his gift to her of Housewives". What a crock. I never liked him and will never watch any show he is on. Bad man and worse husband and father and down the road his third wife will be gone. He is doing shows to build up buzz on his new show even if its negative comments. Gives him the spotlight he needs for people to notice him again.


I feel sorry for the innocent children caught between these two warring parents. The only victims here are the children. These 2 adults need to start worrying about what kind of parent THEY are & move on with their lives.

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