Bradley Cooper: Wooing Jennifer Lopez, Big Time!

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It needs to be said again: Looper is seriously on!

Following another public sighting of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez, Us Weekly quotes sources who say these two are engaged in more than just a fling.

A Secret Romance?

The actor is "really trying to woo Jennifer in a big way. He has been after Jennifer, calling her, for ages," claims an insider, while another adds: "They've been talking on the phone and texting a lot."

Need more evidence? On October 15, Cooper and Lopez were seen pulling out of his driveway - with the actress looking "disheveled!!!" - and heading for J. Lo's Hidden Hills property. A source says they were "laughing" and concludes:

"Considering how depressed she has been since her breakup, it's no surprise that she has finally decided to let him in. For the first time since the split, she is allowing herself to go with the flow."

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She will not agree to beard for him is my bet. This is the only photo you'll get of her with him!


They are for who they are...they don't really know what's love..they change men like their day they will realiazed it when they are old and their beauty fades...I like her song, I liked when she started..It just so amazing how she changed...why after she got kids? one day she will end up like B.Spear end up in rehab or a psychiatric clinic...we all don't know about her life really being with Marc but all we knows about how celebraty lives their life awful! You are amazing jlo too bad you begun like every celebrity no respect about being a woman because of money and popularity. I believed when a person got talent you can be a popular without making yourself as hooker you will be respecful for who you are...but that way every men will just play on u and breaks ur heart over and over.


REBOUND... but doubt he minds being used in the sack by J.Lo...let's see if she can hold off from marrying every Rebound


she's so dirty, hopes around from men to men


Love JLo, hope she knows what she's doing, Iv LOVE brad cooper, he is funny, smart, handsome, sexy all the perfect qualities but is he straight? Im assuming hollywood should know, hope shes happy, thats all that matters.. GO JLO!


normally i would agree that JLo needs to relax for a while and grow in her mind and give her heart a break.. but Bradley Cooper...WOW! She would be crazy to pass him up..he is Mr It in Hollywood right now, and they would be seemingly perfect together. U go Jenn!


Hey she's still young dont think she loved marc he was a rebound after ben maybe this might be love if they like each other then go for it .It's hollywood what else she's j lo I don't think she looks for anyone s approval


Big deal..... Bang his brains out.......N E X T ! ! !


Listen! These celebs are not normal they get married for the glitz and the glamour and those huge rings. Without make up they all look like dog meat. Kim kardashian is a huge fool too and so is Lamar he doesnt know that Khloe from Adam, its about money with them not loyalty.


she strikes again! I agree with jennylogan that jlo needs to take a break from men for awhile. Its seems that she has a relationship with one person and when it doesn't work out she gets into another soon after. No break in between to heal and grow from the previous relationship. Maybe she needs to figure out why this keeps happening before she starts the next relationship so she can finally have a guy that she can keep forever. She needs to be careful with who she falls in love with because of her kids. Its not healthy for them to see her date men one after another because she is their role model on how relationships work between a man and a woman. Jlo take your time girl and everything will fall into place including the right guy!!

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