True Blood Season 4 Finale Promo: A Haunting Past

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Ding dong, the wicked witch was almost dead on True Blood last night.

But Marnie survived a machine gun shooting, sort of, concluding the penultimate episode of season four by swooping into Lafayette's body. Ah, the dangerous, confusing, messy life of a medium.

Elsewhere, Alcide killed his packmaster; Jason admitted to feelings for Jessica; and Eric sucked the blood from a witch's heart. How will the season come to an end? Check out the following promo for "And When I Die" now:

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True Blood Season 4 episode 12 finale And When I Die full HQ video here


Poor Lafyette.. His nurse man has brought to much into his life. Somethings are better unknown because knowing is inviting. Alcide, Alcide... Why is Debbie so stupid. I hope you really are finish with her, than you can come to me. Sookie make up your mind on who you want to be with. You cant be in love with two people. One you may have love for and the other may be in love with. Make up your mind. Good job Sam, the wolfpack leader needed to die. He was not a good leader,

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