Jonah Shacknai Seeks to Reopen Rebecca Zahau Death Investigation

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As if the investigation into the death of Rebecca Zahau and Max Shacknai weren't strange enough, Jonah Shacknai himself wants to see it reopened.

In a letter sent by Shacknai to the attorney general Monday, the billionaire pharmaceutical CEO wrote that further investigation would be beneficial.

Seeking to bring "clarity, dignity, and ultimately closure to the devastating deaths" of his girlfriend and son, he asked that the investigation proceed.


"The circumstances of Rebecca's suicide were so unusual and upsetting that it was difficult to accept the hard facts that were presented," he went on to write.

"I pray that Max and Rebecca are now at peace and I hope you might be able to help the rest of us ... finally achieve some peace and closure."

Rebecca’s naked body was found hanging from the balcony of Shacknai's Coronado, Calif., mansion on July 13, only two days after his son, Max, 6, was found unconscious at the base of the stairs. Max later died from his injuries.

Rebecca was babysitting Max, whose mother is Shacknai's ex-wife, at the time. Investigators ruled her death as a suicide, stating she was riddled with guilt and knew he was going to die. Max's death was ruled an accident.

A mysterious suicide message that was found written on the guest room door near Rebecca's body that read: "She Saved Him Can You Save Her," is one of the many mystifying details in the case that has captivated many.

Also, the fact that her hands and feet were bound with rope and she was nude is eerie and perplexing. She was gagged, there was blood on her body and she suffered hemorrhages, making suicide seem less likely to some.

Shacknai's surprising letter to the attorney general came after Rebecca's family publicly questioned the ruling of suicide after examiners' conclusions.

"It doesn't add up from day one," her sister, Mary Zahau told Good Morning America. "It seemed like from the beginning that things were ignored."

Asked if she thought her sister was murdered, Mary replied, "Yes."


The reason he asked for the case to be reopened is because if it is, the police are procluded from discussing any evidence and releasing any information as is the case with any ongoing investigation. This does not make him guilty, but i do believe he feels if further information is released then time will pass quietly for him making a case for her family more difficult and lessening public interest.


My theory ... She was murdered in retaliation for what happened to the little boy - most likely by the boy's parents, uncle and aunt.


The last ex-wife did it. Shoddy investigation. Really a weird murder!


This case gives the world's losers something to focus on instead of their own miserable lives. She accidently killed that boy and then tried to cover it up. The police and doctors at the hospital were on to her. She was hours away from being arrested when she bought the farm. She killed Max, everyone knows that. The boy's father is trying to squelch his lack of judgement for putting his son in harm's way by a roided out gym rat.


I think the brother Adam did it.


@Mel, i think the same thing b/c i think he shudv been doin it that wen it was 1st ruled a suicide. & the coroner's shud b ashamed & fired 4 making such a poor conclusion!! Damn, it must not take much 2 do their job


Check and mate


His PR company, I'll bet, insisted he do this to counter Rebecca's family speaking out publically. CMA


This is very good of Mr. Shacknai to do this. Dina andNina - Are you now shaking in your boots?

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