Checking In: President Obama Joins Foursquare

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Major headache for the Secret Service? Probably. President Barack Obama upping his coolness quotient even as his popularity plummets? Definitely!

As Obama embarks on a bus tour of the Midwest in an attempt to spur economic/poll number growth, updates will be posted on Foursquare!

The White House said on its blog:

Mr. President

"Barack is Now The President of the Oval Office."

“The White House is now on Foursquare, a location-based social networking website, which is the latest way for you to engage with the administration.”

“There are over 10 million people already ‘checking in’ around the world, and now you will be able to discover ‘tips’ from the White House featuring places President Obama has visited, what he did there, historical information and more.”

The White House will also be creating checkin locations for different presidential events, such as yesterday's speech in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.

The addition of the president to Foursquare’s 10 million-plus users will be a boon to the service, especially as the 2012 campaign kicks into gear.

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