Oksana Grigorieva Claims Mel Gibson Traumatized Teenage Son; Wants Huge Payday

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The criminal case against him has been put to rest by his no contest plea, but Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson are still at war over other issues.

Oksana told a family law judge Friday that she wants half a million bucks for the alleged trauma she claims Mel caused her 14-year-old son.

Oksana Grigorieva, Son

She claims Alexander (aka Sasha), whose father is Timothy Dalton, was traumatized during the couple's infamous fight in January 2009.

One of the uglier celebrity breakups of all time.

In the fight, Oksana alleges Mel knocked two of her teeth out. Mel has disputed that claim, saying instead that he merely slapped her because she was hysterical, out of control and endangering their baby daughter, Lucia.

Oksana claims Mel was abusive to Sasha during the argument, calling him names and scaring the kid so much he allegedly hid under the bed.

Grigorieva also claimed on another occasion thhat Mel threw her son onto a table, but Gibson's camp has flatly denied that allegation as well.

Mediation between the two continues next week.


When will her 15 minutes of fame be over? She must have gone through her daughter's support money and after more now! Her exes are probably so thankful she someone else's worry. Poor MG!


I remember that her teeth were chipped and not knocked out. Her lips were not swollen nor were they cut. This woman is a shrewd manipulator who hasn't given one thought to how the continued publicity stunts she pulls effect not only her son, but Mel's children. He is paying her a lot of support money. Perhaps, Mel's family and Sasha should sue her for emotional damage as well.


She is a GOLD-digger and sleeps with/marries famous men for money. Her son isn't traumatized by Mel Gibson he's traumatized because he has a mother was prostitutes herself for money.... so sad. He should go and live with his dad, Timothy Dalton. She's a wreak!!


Is it just me or could she pass as Nadya Suleman sister (octomom)? Twins maybe?


Is it just me or could she pass for Nadya Suleman (octomom) sister? Twins maybe?


I'd like to punch her out just for looking that way. And you can call me any name you wish for $250,000---a bargain!


I so agree with Sandra!!


Really? 1/2 million for being called names? Really? Boy, if so, that kid will never make it in the real world. Oh what a minute... this came from Oksana, so the opposite must be the actual truth.


It takes two not one!


Gibson is ass and she is unstabile goldigger. Neither of them should have custody of their daughter. They are both crazy and dangerous

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