Bethenny Frankel to Host Talk Show

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Bethenny Frankel is almost finished with the world of reality television.

A second season of her solo series will air this fall on Bravo (titled Bethenny Goes to L.A.), and then a source confirms to The Huffington Post that Frankel will anchor her very own talk show, produced by Telepictures and Ellen DeGeneres.

Bravo Star

The company "couldn’t be happier with the pilot Bethenny shot," this insider says. "They know they have discovered the next great talk show host and it's Bethenny. This is 100 percent on the fast track."

The mole adds that Frankel is "grateful" for all Bravo has done, but she's also ready to leave that network behind: "After the tragic news of the suicide of a cast member of [The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills], she doesn’t want to be part of an organization that rewards bad behavior.”



Be real people she not talk show material. Not sure what she ought to be doing? It was not her alone that started skinny drinks and what a surprise they have calories galore..........She is a good user look what she did to June Zarin her best friend who helped in a lot of ways even money and a place to stay, Bethanny can't cook!! If it wasn't for Housewives of New York she would be a nobody like she is NOW!!!


Bethanny show sucks? Shes out there in 20 years clothes, bashing men, especially Jason. She has no talent at all she cannot ask a guest a question? Get rid of her Ellen you surprise me you are a great person
who can spot talent I bet Bethenny talked you into this adventure?
Please do all of us cancel her show let her go back manless with her baby that's all she ever wanted she repeatedly said I want a baby she was goona have her one gay hairdresser get her pregnant. Sorry for Jason what a catch he was that Bethanny has a lot of mental problems number one thinking her shit don't stink,,,,,


I would like more information on when the bethany talk show begins and on what network. I'd love to watch.


When does the show start???


Hi Bethenny it Diane what channel will your talk show
be on


Excellent direction a talk show you were born for this...stay positive, do not take to heart any type adversity from peers, they're jealous, people love you and always will... top priority is your family you're backers will work with you to accommodate you.. STAY POSITIVE STAY POSITIVE STAY POSITIVE!!!..Blessings and much love sent to you Bethenny;)


I love Bethenny! When is her next season starting? Can't wait! Also I would love to see her as a talk show host, i would definitly watch!


Bethenny gives me the creeps.


I would love to see Bethenny host her own show. She is quick-witted and has a very unique, realistic view of life; and the intelligence to articulate her responses in an accurate and humorous way. I follow all the "Housewives" and, while they are certainly entertaining (except for Kelly who should be replaced) none compare to Bethenny.

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