Bachelor Pad Recap: Ames and Jackie FTW!

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You wouldn't imagine Bachelor Pad would make you tear up at the end (from genuine emotion, not laughter) but there's a first time for everything.

The season's second episode featured the usual fare - drama, boring dates, people taking things way too seriously - but also a truly romantic moment.

By the end, Jake Pavelka vs. Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl felt more like a sideshow. You can thank Ames Brown and Jackie Gordon for that.

Read all about it below in THG's official +/- recap:

Bachelor Pad Bikini Babes

The challenge this week: "Target on Your Back." Rules: Idiots line up, blindfolded, and have eggs winged at them based on questions. Plus 6.

Jake bears the brunt of the ladies' chicken embryos, but takes it in stride. When Erica gets hit with nearly EVERY egg, though? Harsh. Minus 9.

Why not just throw the eggs at the middle of the pack if the answer doesn't actually matter? Big Brother always has a trivia component. Minus 2.

Minus another 4 for the guys having to throw underhand. Come on, at least let Jake wind up for a fastball at Vienna the Cheater. Three times!

Melissa and Michael emerge as winners of the worst game ever. Their prize, in addition to a rose, is a date with three different people! Plus 3.

Michael's date occurs at The Linda Vista Hospital - abandoned, haunted, not romantic and featured on NCIS: Los Angeles recently. So ... Wash?

Michael to Holly: "I want to hang out with you all the time. I really want you to be happy ... I still love the s#!t out of you." Heartwarming. Plus 5.

Blake, on wooing Melissa for the rose: "It's akin to a prostitute, I hate it. But I have to whore myself out to keep her happy." Lovely. Minus 6.

Plus 12 for Kasey not getting the rose because of said whoring, however, dealing a blow to the frog-voiced, self-important douche "Godfather."

No sooner do they arrive back to the Pad then Blake hops in bed with ... Holly! Minus 4 for sheer boldness, given the ancillary parties involved.

Ames on Bachelor Pad
Jackie on Bachelor Pad

Holly Durst "is like this beautiful island of serenity," Blake says, "and I want to get a little row boat and join her on that island. But I can't because every time I get in the row boat it gets capsized by Melissa." Plus 10.

Jake begs Vienna and Kasey to save him from elimination. If they do, and he wins, he promises to donate the $250,000 prize money to charity. Vienna just laughs, saying, "You're $300,000 in debt!" Busted, Jake. Minus 15.

The producers essentially change to rules to keep Jake around! Plus 5.

Graham reveals to Kasey that Gia had been plotting to send him or Vienna home, thus breaking up their power couple status. Gia has a meltdown that Graham would "stab her in the back" so hard. She leaves. Minus 12.

Melissa to Blake: "I've been winning competitions for US! I'm done with you!" Serenity? Nowhere to be found. Crazy? Oh yeah! Plus 4.

The elimination comes down to Ella and Jackie, and the latter gets the boot. Then Ames, after bidding her farewell, has an epiphany, realizes he's on Bachelor Pad and runs after the limo! True love prevails! So sweet! Plus 20.

Bonus Plus 10 for Ames Brown and Jackie Gordon somehow leaving Bachelor Pad with their reputations as cool people intact. That is not a small feat.


OUT: Justin Rego, Alli Travis.


I was moved by the Michael / Holly scene: Love is sublime! Holly looked special! Then, a few minutes latter, we see Holly with Blake, and I'm brought back down to earth. Which is the real Holly?


I think that Vienna and Kasey should be voted off the Bachelor Pad and do not deserve the opportunity to win $250,000 as they cannot be trusted by any of the contestants. It isn't any ones business that Jake is in debt. Once again, Vienna breaches the meaning of the word "trust" every time she opens her mouth! Allow Jake to have the opertunity to win $250,000 and advise Chris before hand of the name of his "charity he wishes to donate the winning dollars". Every contestant should show maturity and win honestly, but not by back stabbing. It ruins the program. Good luck everyone - play fairly, win honestly.


Lmao yeah those pants threw me off. But guys im not joking he really broke up with her like to wks later its on the main page of the B-pad website and people magazines web page that broke my heart when i read it.


I was yelling at the TV for him to just go after her The Ames I grew to love would have done just that. That look was priceless, you could see, really a non-decision, go across his face when he decided to leave with her. A big yes for Ames & Jackie
Now to get the protector and guardian of out of there. Why does the thought of power make some behave so badly? I thought I felt sorry for him before, now
not so much, really not at all.


Ames was the best part! I'm glad I wasn't the only one crying. It was so sweet.
Except what was up with Ames's pants? :D


Oops sike i just heard he broke up with her damm


I couldnt stop crying Ames showed that love outweighs money my heart melted. I was like u better go after her and he did. What a man he was right they r the winners of the bpad. They won love which is a greater prize than money. Winning!


Vinenna is just gross!!!!! But you just gotta love ames!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i. think vinenna should be voted out

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