Things are getting super predictable in the Big Brother house and that's down to the fact there are just a handful of houseguests left. 

James knew he would need to work both sides of the house to try and ensure he made it out of the eviction. 

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The Big Brother live feeds are now in darkness to conceal what goes down on the next eviction episode. 

If you've been keeping tabs on what's been going down in the last few days, you'll know that the plan is to evict Victor Arroyo. 

The stakes were high going into the latest HOH competition as Nicole made it clear to Corey that it was time to bail on their Final Four alliance with Victor and Paul. 

Corey was fully on board with the plan to target Victor for eviction.

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Natalie and James continued to bicker on the latest episode of Big Brother and it was super annoying. 

James wanted to make sure his last few days with Natalie were well spent, but all Natalie was concerned with was whining at James for making the wrong decision in the game. 

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The Final Four are proving to be quite the alliance on Big Brother and it's bringing all the drama to a halt. 

We finally got up to speed on what went down before Thursday's live show and it was pretty spectacular. 

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When you're leaving the Big Brother house, you kind of want to leave on good terms with your fellow houseguests, but Michelle Meyer does not care for making friends.

We picked up after the veto ceremony. As you all know, Nicole chose to keep her nominations the same. Michelle was still the target, but she had a feeling Paul would be going home.

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Getting a perk in the Big Brother house is no easy task, so when a a houseguest gets one, we expect them to use it. 

Corey got a perk that allowed him to bribe another houseguest to influence someone to make a game move. 

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