Alan Schram, Associate of Russell Armstrong, Also Commits Suicide

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A new twist has been added to the death of Russell Armstrong.

TMZ confirms that Alan Schram, a business associate and friend of the late Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, also killed himself last week, just 24 hours after Russell did the same. Schram's body, with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head, was found on August 16, outside of his parked car on Mulholland Drive.

Russell and Taylor Armstrong

Schram was the managing partner of a Los-Angeles based hedgefund and was part of Tiger 21, an organization of wealthy individuals who discussed investments together. Russell was also reportedly a member of this club.

The reasons behind Armstrong's suicide will never be fully understood, but the man definitely had money problems. He was facing a $1.5 million lawsuit at the time of his death and was laid to rest on Wednesday.


Are they sure that this was suicide??? Maybe someone wanted these 2 guys dead??? Very odd!


I think it is just so sad. He obviously had so much pressure he couldn't deal. But there has to be an underlying depression or some other factor. You just don't take your life, with 3 children to support and love. As for his family blaming Bravo and Taylor, edit all you want,he wasn't the nicest guy on the planet. I don't want to speak ill of the dead, but comon. HE took his life, no one else. If his family thinks otherwise they are just turning a deaf ear. They just want to blame someone, I prob would as well. But fact is he did it. He was selfish, he has ruined the lives of so many. He has left his kids without a father. If you are so broke, sell your house, your in a condo...suprising his friend killed himself a week after. Weird shit going on.


I think Taylor was always after a lifestyle, not the man. She chased after the BH women and tried to be like them. Her husband's suicide was a result of all the financial pressure and subsequent bad decisions he made to make his wife happy.


Wow! Wonder if Alan also had money problems. And, were they aware of each others suicidal plans? Oh well. Best luck to Taylor and child.


Hope she makes lots of $$ on the housewives show, she'll be on the hook for their debt and the lawsuit. It'll be a problem if she's talentless and uneducated.


money corrupts and devours peoples mindsets. So, when there hit with difficult times the only logical thing in their mind is death.its so sad what our society has become.You can rebuild your fortune,but death is it really worth it?

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