Jennifer Aniston Introduces Justin Theroux to Her Dad

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Jennifer Aniston's relationship with Justin Theroux is getting serious!

The men in her life - Theroux and her dad, John - bonded over lobster, wine and their love for Jen at Delmonico's Steak and Lobster House in L.A. recently.

Says a source at the restaurant:

"Jen's a regular here and normally very relaxed. This time she seemed more on edge. She was smiling, but you could tell this was a special event for her."

Pretty Jen A

"John looked very protective of Jen, and when Justin went to the restroom, he put his hand on top of hers," reveals the eyewitness. "It was sweet."

Jen has long been estranged from her mom, Nancy, who wrote a book about their relationship, but values her father's approval more than anything.

John recently confided that the perfect guy for Jennifer has to be not only kind and caring, but "someone honest - honesty is very important."

Hopefully Theroux passed muster.


How can Jeniffer Aniston even look at her father. After watching her latest movie Horrible Bossess it was really horrible to watch her degrade herself and her body in that movie.The words she used in that movie was very degrading. As a woman myself i felt disgusted with the character she chose to play.Even my boyfriend was shocked with certain parts of the movie and considered it very vulgar. I really thought she had more integrity when she came to choosing which films she acts in.
Her father looks like such a descent person, i wonder what this poor man must really thinking inside.


bad news
im a big fan of selena..also it love jen.
But jen just lost her mind


Give me a break.What kind of father raises his daughter to be a value pack.This marriage won't last 3 years.And that is a stretch.I feel sorry for the kid already.They smoke good dope.Where can I find some of that?Take a good look in the mirror Jen.You have too many problems and you bring them everywhere you go.Perhaps if you were well grounded there would be a decent chance but your pick for a boyfreind wouldn't help.May I recommend that you get some help for your head?


Shut up tmac you cynical asshole


Get married already...who gives a flying f*ck, you are older thn sin bitch. So yesterday.

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