Dana Wilkey Joins Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast

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On September 5, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers will meet Dana Wilkey.

The 37-year old event planner and close friend of Taylor Armstrong isn't technically considered a new cast member, but we'll be seeing plenty of her antics throughout the fall on Bravo. Get a preview now in this season two teaser.

So, who the heck is Dana Wilkey?

Dana Wilkey Picture

The new reality star...

... has a 22-month son and will get married next summer.

... will be helping Armstrong navigate her post-divorce life on the show, saying of her friend: "She's just the most beautiful person. She's really focusing on [daughter] Kennedy right now and surrounding herself with really good friends."

... collects Barbie dolls.

... suffered a tragedy as a child when a car accident placed her mom in a coma and eventually led to her passing.

[Photo: Richard McLaren/Bravo]


This woman is "the help". Not sure what she's doing in a show about wives of movers and shakers. She looks like the help, acts like the help, and is deluded like bad help by thinking she's "one of the girls". Two fries short of a happy meal.


Nice tits!


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