Chord Overstreet: Dating Emma Roberts, Still Wanted By Glee

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Chord Overstreet is making headlines these days for his professional life and his personal life. The former first:

Following an uproar over news that Overstreet would not be returning to Glee, a Fox insider has now clarified the network's stance: the show wants Chord back as Sam Evans.

“His option to be a series regular was just not picked up at this time,” says the source. "If Chord wants to appear on Glee, the choice is his. The Glee writers like his Sam character, and have plans to write for him."

Moreover, this mole reports, if viewers continue to support Sam, Overstreet could receive his promotion "as early as January.”

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Will Chord head back to William McKinley High School? It's unclear. But he'll likely talk over the decision with Emma Roberts.

The pair stepped out publicly for the first time this week, strolling around the streets of London and acting like a couple, onlookers say.

They are "definitely dating," a friend tells Us Weekly. "They're loving every second of being together."



Glee is the BEST.. and sam is the hottest dude on glee and im happy for him and emma but i wish he would date meeee nah amber riley (he dates her on glee)love kara-sue farnhamXx


there really is no reason for chord to go back as sam because he has done almost everything on glee that he can do!!! he has dated quinn ,done a awesomely well done tribute to justin bieber and has done everything that Finn has. and besides it is not our choice if he goes back or not it is his decision.and we are happy for you emma and chord you guys make such a good couple!

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