Bryson Bryant, Son of NeNe Leakes, Booked for Shoplifting

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Bryson Bryant is in trouble with the law again.

The son of reality star NeNe Leakes, Bryant was arrested in Georgia last night for an alleged shoplifting and probation violation.

Bryson Bryant Mug Shot

Details are scarce, but TMZ reports the incident took place around 9 p.m.

Last year, Bryant was booked for possession of marijuana. No word yet from NeNe or any of her reps.


Its not her fault parents can teach there kids all they need to no but once they grow up its up to them to losten and do what there taught trust im only 21 so i no. He just need to grow up and stop following the crowd. But my ? Is if she rich y your son shoplifting and the youngest one wearing fake polo?


I guess he not only looks like his grand-father, but he is going to grow up to be worthless like him too!!!! I know that all of the prior comments on this subject bashed NeNe, but that BOY is responsible for his own actions. He can't hang on to his mama's tit anymore. I think he is a loser jerk, that doesn't want to grow up and be responsible for himself. We have young, strong and proud young men, his age, serving in our armed forces and becoming MEN. Maybe he should get a CLUE and if they will take his sorry ass, he should join! NeNe turn to your son and kick his ass!! Before it is too late...


Well are we surprised.....hahaha..hell no.....what do we expect from a ghetto mama's boy? The exact things he is doing. She is nothing but cheap black trash and has raised black trash. If there is poor white trash there can surely be poor black trash and she and her bad seed are sure it. I hope then end up in Jackson as someone's bitch, then they can know what life is really like without that loud mouthed mama always keeping their sorry asses out of jail.


I know that motormouth NeNe can Not raise her son all over again, but look at the example that he had for a mother. Loud, brash, in your face ghetto dame. While she was out there directing Star Jones and belittling everyone that came into her view, she should have been taking time with her son to lead him on the straight and narrow path.I guess he Needed to be half high to deal with her on a daily basis.


Hahahaha. Young.Dumb.&.Stupid.

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