Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Scene: Bad Quality, HOT Stuff!

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Warning: this video is not of the highest quality. But it may contain the hottest scene you'll see all year.

At Comic-Con last week, the cast of Breaking Dawn sat for a panel discussion, gave a few interviews and debuted a couple clips. The first focused on Bella giving birth. The second gave us a clear idea of how she ended up in that situation.

We're talking serious Edward and Bella sex, readers!!! In the following sneak peek, we see Bella brushing her teeth, shaving her legs and then running out to the beach to meet her new husband. Towel then meets sand, as Twihards meet bedlam...

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Release Date : 18 Nov, 2011
Cast : Kristen Stewart | Robert Pattinson | Taylor Lautner
Genre : Thriller | Romance | Drama | Fantasy
Director : Bill Condon Watch It Here -->> Woooah. It is in theaters already!!!


ahhhh i cant wait >:(


I cant wait 4 Nov 18!!!


omg this melissa daughter and i havnt read the book yet but im so exsited about the movie cant wai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;p


Hopefully, the director has an alternative ending that shows that Bella ends up with Jacob...


as opposed to your fake birthday??


OMG... I cannot wait either my real birthday is November 18th! & im suppose to go see it at midnight with some friends!


AHHHHH!!! OMFG I cannot wait for November 18!!!! Are we in that date yet??? :P but good thing they're following MOST of the details of the book, glad to see that...


It was nice to see they are following the book so closely!!!Can't wait to see the movie myself.

Avatar macabre.....Elvira "Mistress Of The Dark" should put this on her show....late Saturday night.