Usher Wants Pippa Middleton as Face of New Lingerie Line

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Usher has a new lingerie line coming out. Yes, really. That's a little surprising ... the fact that he wants Pippa Middleton to model for it? Who can argue.

The R&B singer has not made a formal offer, but is making an informal pitch by praising P. Middy in a recent interview regarding his new venture.

"I don't think there's a more beautiful, more stunning, more talked-about woman in the world at the moment," Usher gushed to Look magazine.

Aside from her own sister? Agreed!

Ursher Photo
Gorgeous Pippa

"I'm going to be approaching her in the next few weeks and setting up a meeting this summer," the singer said of his potential "global brand."

"Everybody knows her now, [Pippa Middleton] would be perfect. I am sure everybody is trying to sign her up and she won't be cheap, but she has the looks and the popularity to really establish a new product."

No doubt. Wonder how Alex Loudon feels about this.

Usher's still-unnamed lingerie line is expected to debut this summer. While we sincerely doubt Pippa will strip down for it, there's no harm in asking.

Seriously, Ush, run with it. You never know. And no matter what, we at least we get to write "Pippa Middleton" and "lingerie" in the same story.

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love u usher JB 2


pippa did wear undies to her sis weddin it an un real rumour just like the justin bieber is dead rumour cmon be real bout this


You are a sicko to ask someone like that to wear your underwear. You creep. You can take her name and pay for it, but have her model it is crazy. You are trying to drag her down.


That is because is rumor that she was not wearing undies on her sis wedding


Yeah, ok Usher. Good luck w/ that.


I doubt she will do it. This Pippa obsession is actaully bordering on creepy at this point..

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