Kelsey Grammer Gushes Over Kayte Walsh, Touches on Custody Battle

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Kelsey Grammer is in for a long custody battle with his ex. He admitted as much at the Tony Awards last night, sounding confident about his chances.

“It’s going to be a long drawn out thing and it’ll be turgid and unpleasant I’m sure, but not on my side," the actor told OK! Weekly.

Kelsey Grammer, Wife #4

Will Kelsey Grammer still be smiling when his custody battle plays out?

No matter how it plays out, Kelsey couldn't say enough good things about his new wife, Kayte Walsh, who accompanied him to the event.

"She’s just amazing. She’s extraordinary. A lovely human being," Grammer said. "I’m as blessed as I’ve ever been in my life.”



this kayte is way better looking then that whiner Camille. Can't stand her. can't stand kelsey either for that matter, he'd have to be loaded cause he's not much to look at


Kayte and Kelsey look a lot alike. The mouth, the nose... Kayte looks like she could be his daughter. Why does this man creep me out so much?


One would think he might have hooked up with someone better looking. I mean she is probably with him for his money. Which means he could have scored a really hot looking chick. Kayte is kinda homely.


Gobble, I don't see nothing wrong with Kayte's smile, anyway she's doing all other women a favor by taking this man off the market. However Kelsey always have this horrible forced grin in nearly every photo. I think he and Camille deserved each other, and neither one of them deserves to have the children. They're both unattractive people for their own reasons.


Kelsey's ex-wife Camille had 2 surrogates carry her babies (because she didn't want to ruin her body...) and continues to have 4 nannies take care of them.. Why should Kelsey let her have the kids? Clearly she is out to (continue to) fill up her pockets..
As far as Kelsey's new lady goes, at least she smiles..Camille always always always looked miserable. It's good that Kelsey finally found someone who makes him truely happy.. Good for him!


why would he bring it up at an awards show? he's a wacko...Kayte, the Grimace called, he wants his chompers back...No really the Joker rang he thinks you may be related?? Must be the eyes..:)..Seriously though, Wonderland needs you back home...All kidding aside, cough up the canary!!!!....Smile--Say Cheese!!!...Pac Man is lonely with you gone....You must catch a ton of flies in that trap....You give a new meaning to talking out of both sides of your mouth....You could easily get that pie hole around at least five(5) of Kelsey's turgid members...balls and all...gobble, gobble..

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