Casey Anthony Deemed Competent to Stand Trial

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The Casey Anthony trial resumed this morning after a judge ruled that the 25-year-old accused murderer from Orlando is competent to stand trial.

The trial was abruptly put on hold over the weekend after the judge said a "legal matter" had come up. That matter was Anthony's mental state.

Defense lawyers filed a motion to determine her competency to proceed, and after three psychologists found her competent, the trial goes on.

Casey Anthony on Trial (Day 40)

Casey, who is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, in 2008, has pleaded not guilty. She faces the death penalty if convicted.

Prosecutors allege Anthony killed her daughter by using chloroform and suffocating her with duct tape, then leaving her lifeless body in the woods.

Casey Anthony's defense hinges on the theory that Caylee accidentally drowned, that Anthony and her father, George, covered up the accident.

George's prior sexual abuse of Casey when she was a child factored into this poor judgment, her lawyers have posited, to much controversy.

Caylee's remains were found in December 2008, almost six months after she was reported missing, in a wooded area not far from her home.

On Friday, Casey's attorneys showed jurors photos of Caylee climbing a ladder into a pool as her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, supported her.

Cindy testified that Caylee could've climbed into the pool herself, and also said that she, not Casey, searched for several suspicious terms online.


Amen Racheal!! Well said!!


wow out of every thing someone can do, heres comes a BITCH who kills her baby girl. she didnt even get 2 live her life nor go to pre-skool and and now she can b founded in the woods as a skaton... when i heard dis i mean i cried my ass off.& dats not all, how can a so called mom do somethin like dat?. nomatter if she was rapped by her brother and or father noone should do dat to a baby. NO ONE and im sorry to say dis but i hope dat bitch dies by bein killed by someone or rotts in JAIL FOREVER or they kill her no worrys dis story wiil die and be over SOON :(


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she's guilty but to give her the death penalty would be hypocritical and wrong. why are we going to kill her, when we're giving her the punishment for.. killing someone! that makes NO sense. Let her suffer in jail, not die and get the easy way out.


Sounds to me like this woman has no conscience. She perfectly sane. A pathological liar maybe but no conscience. She lacks the ability to feel the consequences of her actions so it wouldn't matter if they put her to death....


Casey has some serious personality & life skill issues but that doesnt make her crazy, hence 3 professionals finding her competent this past weekend. If this was an accident, why the duct tape? Why was this little babe tossed away like garbage? Im not buying it. And dont get me started on Cindy.


That wench needs to give it up, be a woman about it and deal with the consequences. Life's a bitch, and her being a human being she should have known her diligent actions would have tremendous consequences. ROT IN HELL B*TCH!!


To the previous comments, I believe the whole my daddy molested me is a crock of S**T she had a good relationship with her dad up until this point. She was caught partying recently after her daughter was missing.She also did not report her missing her mom did. If she drowned why the chloroform and duck tape. She did it and knows it. I hope she gets the death penalty. Considering all the evidence is circumstantial she will probably get off. They have found no concrete evidence linking her directly to the murder. Yes she lied but lies aren't enough to convict.


What appears to be presented here is a family of liars, who by all indications started a massive cover-up of an innocent child's death. I have No idea how this (immediate) family close their eyes for a peaceful Night of rest knowing that they all failed her as Caylee protectors!!


Ok this bi*** needs the death penalty! Everyone knows damn well she did it. If she drowned 1. why would she make up a nanny and say she took her? 2. why did she wait a month to report her missing? and 3. why would there be chloroform and neck-breaking searches on her computer? Did they even do an autopsy? Bc if she "drowned" there would be water found in her lungs. This bitch is guilty as guilty can be and ppl are so blind to see it! i I mean seriously she never crys or even looks lyk she gives one shit! If I was in her position and I didn't kill my daughter lyk she says she didn't I wouldn't be able to eat, move, and I sure as hell would be balling my eyes out. I wouldn't even wana wake up. And this bitch is out partying while her daughter's missingg???!! Get the fuck outa here wit this shit. The bitch is guilty end of story! PERIOD.