Casey Anthony Defense: Will a Jury Believe Her?

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The State of Florida has called 30 witnesses and introduced 315 pieces of evidence against Casey Anthony, the Florida mom accused of killing her 2-year-old.

Yesterday, a judge denied a motion to dismiss the case, citing the strong evidence against her. Still, some experts say it's not an open-and-shut case.

With Casey to present her side starting today, here's a look at the case against the accused murderer of Caylee Anthony and her potential defense ...

The case against Casey Anthony:

  • Some of the most damning evidence came from the family computer and its search history: "how to make chloroform," "neck-breaking" and "inhalation." Chloroform residue was found in Anthony's car.
  • A Casey Anthony jail video entered into evidence not only seems to contradict a key defense claim - that Casey's father George sexually molested her - but showcases the agitated defendant acting erratically.
  • Four days after Caylee Anthony disappeared, Casey participated in a hot body contest at an Orlando club. Circumstantial, perhaps. But not good.
  • Ditto the grisly photos of Caylee's remains. Smoking gun, no. Chilling? Yes.

Casey Anthony's defense:

  • How exactly did Caylee die? No one can say for sure.
  • The state says Caylee died of poisoning by chloroform and duct tape affixed to her mouth and nose. The defense claims Caylee drowned in a freak accident, which some experts say is reasonable and there is no evidence to refute.
  • There was not as much evidence in the trunk of Casey's car as prosecutors would like. Her attorneys say that the one hair found proves little.
  • Why did Casey lie about her daughter, conjuring up a story about a nanny being last person to see Caylee alive? Because Casey was sexually abused by her dad, George, resulting in unpredictable behavior.

What do you think so far: Casey Anthony is ...

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