THG Caption Contest: A Great Day For a Guinness!

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Welcome, gossip fans, to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!

Before meeting Prince William and Kate Middleton in the UK, President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama visited Ireland earlier in the week.

What do you think they were saying/thinking in the photo below?

You tell us! Just click "Comments" below and submit your best caption(s)! Go to it! We'll announce a winner Wednesday. Best of luck, all ...



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Humm I am not suppose to drink alcohol cuz I'm Muslim but hey maybe people won't remember!! Cheers!


Wait Till She Finds Out Hilary And I Have A Love Child !


President: A toast to "ME", because "I" gave the orders, after a hard game of golf, to attack Osama Bin Laden. "I" am the hero". First Lady: Thinking as she is trying not to crack up laughing, "And he really believes that!" Irish: "To all their Military that risked their lives for their country!"


The President says,"That is damn fine tasting!". The First Lady says,"I can't wait to spit this out!".


Nice picture to frame for your girls.


obama thinkin sadly:im sure my wife is cuter than kate midleton. michele dreamly: whitehouse here we come 4 another term


Suckers....elected me Commander and Chief and I don't even salute the Americcan flag.....Why????? 'Cause I am not American born!!!!!!!!


and to those that wish they were!


obama is like...dammm theres a fly in there.....stupid fly


Obama thinking to self "Hmmm, we seem to be the only two not smiling. What is really in this glass?" Then says "To the Irish... My People"

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