The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Following Pecking Orders

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Jill Zarin is back and thank goodness. I have to admit, I actually missed her.

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    what a bunch of bullies ,i was outraged by the way jill ,louanne and kelly bullied poor alex it was a disgrace as for the COUNTESSwell shes a joke she needs to get back to her wig wam i never heard of princess pokahontas have you ? she instigated it all and she thinks shes a lady NOT you need breeding for that


    The housewives of NYC started out as a great show but has gone downhill with all of the infighting. I hope they get rid of all of you and get a new cast next season.


    I would like to know if any these women what is going on in our country today? They are very selfish and treat each other with no respect. As for Ramona, how totally childish and ungrateful did she act in Morocco? I think her comments. and behavior is unbecoming and I was embarrassed as an American of the way she represented the U.S. No wonder we are not liked in the Middle East. I for one would like to see her replaced on the show because she sets a very bad display for young girls and of women everywhere. Basically she really needs to take a good hard look at herself for the portrait is not pretty at all. Also I would for all of the ladies to step out of there bubbles and start addressing so real issues that are going on in this country. It's not all about the 600 thread count sheets and must have pint cases!!!!_


    Ramona is the BIGGEST BITCH EVER! The more I watch the show the more I cant stand her drsmatic drunk ass. She thinkd shes better than everyone when in actuality she is a self centered, narcisitic, no class, psycho bitch. I was appalled by the comment she made about Jills daughter. Ramona grow up bitch


    Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool thnnikig all around!


    I'm sorry Jill is back. I was hoping the Dingos would eat her.


    Ramona needs professional help. She creates too many public scenes and absolutely has no manners. What do you expect from a rag picker, which is what her line of work really is. She also has no idea about how her wine is produced. She should sell it in a box.

    I like Luann the best. She does not engage in public displays of inappropriate behavior. However, I do wish she spent more time nurturing and supervising her children. They are at an age where they need her more than ever.

    As for Sonja, she is to be pitied.


    I love seeing Jill back and as for her troubles with Bethanny I have watched her show a few times and she is a real pain, Alex is a social climber and she should be grateful that they let her join in at all. Ramona is a snob that think she is in charge and who gave her that right. I guess that leaves Sonja, she is a COUGAR that needs her claws trimmed.


    Jill is who she is, and I was glad to see her back on the show. I think she does have a generous heart. And If she got angry at Bethenny last year, there must've been a reason for it.

    Alex is still the same pretentious wannabe. If she's going to demands apologies, I think Ramona should've been her target. Ramona slammed them like nobody else.

    Sonja was sane last year, but this year she's going over the top. What she hopes to gain from it is a mystery to me.

    Luann is haughty, but not mean spirited.

    Ramona is a verbally abusive, socially retarded alcoholic. She must take after her abusive father.

    To me Bethenny is the biggest con artist of them all. She just gave an interview where she said she only went on Reality TV to build her brand. She's the biggest phony of them all. She was a friend to none. She was just using everyone.


    it really gets me when people whinge about spelling?? its only blogging its not as if its important .....geez!!

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