The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Kill Each Other in Your Own Homes!

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For normal people it would simply be known as the family christening, but here on The Real Housewives of New Jersey it is referred to as "the incident."

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    I've been to the Brownstone, and have been to the Manor.. Im just surprised that they did not throw you out the day of the christening....! The police was not called?.. I'd be shocked if they did not.... Your pictures must be plastered all over the front doors as "UNWANTED CUSTOMERS" and the police department, just like the FBI does....!!


    I hate, hate, hate the song "MONEY CAN'T BUY CLASS", but in this particular case, I AGREE 100%...Melissa is so full of herself that it's pathetic, from the first episode, the only thing that she could speak of was money.. never mind self respect, education...! how big was her house, that people envy her lifestyle, that her drama queen husband is the best at his you see the episodes when they air...? do you see yourselves...? the only thing that you wanted to do, was get on the show, we can see that a mile away...banging and throwing tables seem to be A MUST in this family... what a bunch of idiots..PURE TRAILER TRASH..! Caroline, Jacqueline, get out of there fast...!It might be contagious...!! and don't think that there is a vaccine for what it's ailing them.. A true disfunctional group of LOW CLASS people....


    this proves that money can't buy you class. What a bunch of animals.. White trash...Carolyn Manzo is way above these people. She should get the heck out of this circus.


    Melissa's husband Joe is so creepy! He grosses me out. Both Melissa and her husband are making Teresa look good to me now! And I couldnt stand Teresa before. These new cast members are such lowlifes.

    Gia seems so mature now. I feel sorry for her having to handle all these crazy relatives (her own mother and father included).


    Melissa has a big ugly cone head


    look who's calling who an animal............these people should be ashamed of themselves airing their dirty laundry on tv like that I feel sorry for their parents


    why do both husband and wife have hats on at the dinner table, trash!!!


    Melissa likes the way things are and will do what it takes to keep it that way. Joe Gorga is the ugliest guy ever. His face looks like he just went 15 rounds w/ Mike Tyson. He's is so gross. Makes my skin crawl. He's every bad Italian stereotype rolled up into 1 goomba!


    Teresa has some nerve saying someone should "get some class" when she's such a trashy bitch. I really felt sorry for Gia when she said Teresa was embarrassing her with the Super T outfit. Caroline and Jacqueline are soooooo boring I change channels when they're on. It's obvious Teresa is jealous of Melissa because she's young and pretty while Teresa's looks are......well, gone!


    Gia is the only mature person on this show & shes just a child!!!!!!!!

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