President Obama: Bin Laden Death Photo Will NOT Be Released

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Despite reports to the contrary, President Barack Obama emphatically said today that he will not release an Osama bin Laden death photo to the public.

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    Why are those death photos of the bin Laden are not released. Some of the people taught that he was death, therefore, by seeing from the pic we can tell that he was alived but American Killed.


    It was ok for us to watch on live television 2000 innocent people die on 911 , but it's not ok to view the body of the dirt bag who caused it.


    I think he should release the DNA proving that OBL has been killed. Once I see the DNA results I will believe...


    Thought for today:

    If 1 picture is worth 1,000 words, unseen photos has got to be worth millions (of choice words).

    Thank you Mr. President,
    You and your Military A-Team have made another wise decision!!


    Release the photos the plane crashes and falling people were hell of videos and photos. People want to know this horrible man is dead and not just by "I would like to inform to all americans and to the world that Osama is dead".


    He should just photoshop a picture of Osama to shut everyone up. But then again people will just say its fake. So there is no point. Just like his birth certificate. Its a never ending battle.


    Good for Obama!!!! I definitely think he's made the right decision!


    I agree with the presidents decision. Those who believe Bin Laden is alive will find a way to discredit anything that shows he is dead. And besides inflaming people those photos would likely be splashed everywhere as screensavers, posters, tee shirts and the like for some moron to make a few bucks off of. And that is just sick.

    People keep asking for "proof" he is dead, but how about we turn this around and you give me "proof" he is alive? Has any offical even suggested that? Anyone claim to have a photo or video of him since Sunday? Anyone claim to have seen him? Nope. Well until you prove he is alive or show any facts that can be verified I believe he is alive. So everyone keep your cameras ready, never know when you might spot him at IHOP having lunch with Elvis.


    Again...WE ARE NOT AT WAR WITH ISLAM. Just incase there's any confusion still. NO the Americans at ground zero didn't get there proper burials, but Islam isn't responcible for that, Osama didn't get a proper burial either, he was creamated and the body was dumped at sea with no exact locaton for a reason. No worshiping ground, we didn't show him any respect, and we don't need those crazy a**holes seeking any type of spiritual guidance from him or anything. Our country runs around preeching morality we need to abide by some laws respectfully, especially the laws of countrys we are not at war with.


    ithink obama should juss released da damm picture who gvs a fuk wat other got to think we want proof dat osama is really dead datss all !!!!!!!!!!!!

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