Kourtney Kardashian: Look at My Awesome Body!!!

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Kourtney Kardashian sees herself as a role model.

After all, she had a baby within the last two years, but, gosh, look at her now! That's the message Kourtney has for recent mothers in the latest issue of Shape.

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"I'm proof that even after having a baby, you can look better and sexier than ever," Kardashian tells the publication of the bikini body on display here:

So, how did Kourtney slim down? It helps that she's a millionaire who can afford a personal chef and trainer and has no job or responsibilities of any kind aside from posing for magazine covers.

But she also offers these insightful tips for weight loss:

  1. Exercise: "I have to get up at 7 a.m. every day, before everyone else, leave Mason in bed with [Scott Disick], and go for a run. Thirty minutes of cardio is right outside my door. "
  2. Watch your diet... and snack on items that pay you to shill for them: [-QuickTrim Fast-Shake] is only 110 calories, but it fills me up. Plus, it's full of vitamins, so I never have to think about it." 
  3. Maintain a hot relationship: "Have lots of sex now because after you have a kid, it's hard to squeeze it in. Make time for each other or the connection can go away."

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Professional photgraphy air brushing also helps that body. I don't even know why you bothered to wear "barely" a bikini. Why didn't you just pose naked. What exactly DO YOU DO? Do you have a REAL job or just getting yourself along with your sisters into public eye because of connections. I know plenty of AWESOME looking females right here in my area that look better than you but unfortunately they are getting an education in college or working at a REAL job....


everytime a see a nice girl in a front page of a magazine "nip tuck" comes to my mind :p


Kris Jenner has made all of her children nothing but a bunch of whores.


Amazing what speed I mean quick trim does for you??

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