Jordin Sparks Weight Loss: Dramatic!

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Jordin Sparks is ready for the summer.

The former American Idol champion Tweeted a photo of herself this week in order to show off a slimmer figure, depicting how many pounds she has shed over the last year. She simply wrote along with it: I don't know why but my bathing suit reminds me of fruity pebbles. :)

Compare the Tweet pic with a red carpet photo of the singer from May 2010 below:

Jordin Sparks Twitter Photo
Showing Sparks

If Jordin is happy and healthy, we're happy for her. But what does it say about society when a female celebrity must Tweet an image of herself to show the world how thin she has become?

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she looks great!!!! but i hate how she used the fruity pebbles thing to use as a cover up. just go right out and say "guys i lost weight, u like ?" but im happy for her she looks more confident.


She looks amazing now. She did before too but she's more fit now.


This makes everything so comleteply painless.


she looks AMAZING!
Have any tips on how to look that good? Oh and @tiffany she wouldnt have taken the pic if she was insecure. DUMBASSS!!!!!!! Oh and maybe she lost weight for health reasons! I love my curves but I'm still trying to lose weight to be healthy!! And she still is curvy anyways! And she looks happy in the pic. I guess YOU DONT KNOW! Because its obvious she has a little sass as we can see in the pic! Anyways all in all I hope she is happy and healthy! Good vibes going your way (:


She's hot! Period. I'd do her.


Oh please! She looks great! I think that when celebrities say "embrace your curves" they mean, love yourself no matter what. But in reality its always best to be as fit as possible. Note: fit and healthy, not anorexic thin. And Jordin is a perfect exampleof having accomplished this. She looks beautiful, curvy and healthy. Great Job Jordin!


She may be a hypocrite but let me tell you how extraordinary the sensation and feeling when you managed to lose so much weight. It's more than anything! Picture how you're always driving a middle-class car and you said that it's enough for you as long as it's able to drive you anywhere then a few years later you managed to buy a lamborghini countach. Of course you would want peoples to know that. It's not much about the end result but about the process of going there. This shows more about her achievement and like someone before me said, her determination. A little bit camwhoring is well-deserved I say.


Jordin Sparks is a hypocrite. She tells young girls to embrace their curves and that she was happy with her body. Now she slims down so much she's barely recognizable. Fuckin hypocrite!


I think she looks good. Still curvy in the right places. Stick insects should take note.


She looks great & ppl need to stop being such haters. "Covered by fat" & "sucking in" seriously? get over urself!! She did it healthily & she looks amazing, Great job Jordin, glad ur happy!

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