Chaz Bono and Jennifer Elia to Marry

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Having fully transformed in a male, Chaz Bono now wants to turn his attention on something equally important: walking down the aisle with partner Jennifer Elia.

The offspring of Cher and the late Sonny Bono said this week on Piers Morgan Tonight that he and Elia want to get married "within a year."

"We've been engaged actually for two years," Chaz said, explaining they "kind of had to put things on hold a little bit" due to his gender reassignment procedure.

Chaz Bono and Jennifer Elia

The couple has been together for nearly six years and can legally wed because Chaz is now considered a man. They hope Mary Bono Mack, Sonny's widow, can preside over their nuptials.

Elia refers to herself as bisexual and says she finds Bono "more attractive as a man." She also tells The New York Daily News that the sex change has been for the best.

"When you have a partner who's happy in their skin and happy in general, not depressed and feeling completely in the wrong body, it changes everything," she said.

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. chaz ! .i am ur number 1 fan .in dancing with the stars ,.
.chaz! Is it true ?


. chaz !
.i am ur number 1 fan .in dancing with the stars ,.
.chaz! Is it true ?


It is amazing that someone has the courage to go through this and to top it off go public with it. My best friend went through this and I went through it with my friend. It opened my eyes. Congrats to Chaz and Jen and I wish them the very best.


Chaz is not, i repeat, not a male but a big fat ugly dyke


Some people need an appendectomy. Chaz needs an add-a-dick-to-me.


Awesome. What little girl doesn't grow up fantasizing about looking like Chris Farley ?


ok some facts. My son has to have male hormones because he is ill. In turn he gained a boat load of weight. Of course he hates the way he looks but without the shots he wouldn't be here. She had to do those shots to be a male. Not the same but just wanted people to know many people gain weight over the mediciation I know I have.


Why is it that women who want to be men are almost always overweight and not attractive men or what I would call manly men. Is it that there issue is about whether they are male or female but about self image and self esteem and that somehow by making themselves as unattractive as possible for either sex then somehow they feel better. I find it interesting that when "females" say I prefer females to males, that the people they are with are more male than female. I dont think either the Chaz's of the world of medical science have yet to really understand what the issues are here


I'm glad they can be happy together, because that's what counts most!


If the girlfriend was with him when he was a girl, what makes him think the girlfriend now wants to be with a man? I say old chap" isn't there a bit of a difference?