Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery Watch: Before & After Photos Show Different-Looking Face ...

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What the heck happened to Bristol Palin's face?

The 20-year-old daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin debuted a shocking new look at the Candie's Foundation benefit gala in New York on Tuesday.

While her body shape appears pretty much the same, and no one has confirmed that she's had plastic surgery, her face looks way different. Check it out:

Bristol Palin Before Plastic Surgery
Bristol Palin After Plastic Surgery

Before & After: Bristol Palin pictures last year and this week. Wow.

The abstinence ambassador appears to have gone under the knife, don't you think? If so, is she setting a good example for young girls who look up to her?

Bristol Palin used to have a round face. We don't mean that as a criticism, it's just true. Now it looks not only slimmer, but differently-shaped. Just ... off.

Her jawline and cheekbones appear more defined, with the possibility that her chin has been worked on as well. We didn't even recognize the girl at first.

What do you think? Did Bristol Palin get plastic surgery?


She didn't have plastic surgery! She lost a lot of weight on dancing with the stars. I'm not a fan of the Palins but I do feel like theyre picking on her.


First off, if her mother were a Democrat, this wouldn't even be news. To me, it looks like she lost a lot of weight.


Bristol is a horrible dancer with a horrible attitude. She has "the big head" about her new looks and her mom connection! I hope she gets kicked out soon of DWTS.....the others deserve to be there. NOT HER!


I don't care very much for the Palin family in general. some of my reasons with Bristol are that her run on DWTS's was a joke in unfairness overall to other contestants, and her 'holier than thou' attitude toward others, including her baby's father, Levi Johnson,is just sad. But her plastic surgery actually looks decent, and gives her a much nicer face shape and appearance. She doesn't look like so much baby fat that would likely never go away for her without some help like this. But her double standard of not living with 'God's plan for you as LIVING WITH WHO you are' type mannerisms , much like her Mother's, is not a healthy example to young women at this younger age. BUT SHE LOOKS GOOD AND IT SUITS HER!! I WISH HER THE BEST ANYWAY!


She was a good looking woman before. Now she looks odd. Why would she do that?!


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Carol worth

I agree with Mindy. She had a softer look before. I see so little really well done plastic surgery these days. I like subtle change. Bristol seems a sweet girl, though. 0,-)


I think Bristol is sweet, yes her appearance is different, but she has had orthognathic surgery to correct congenital problems. It was not for cosmetic purposes and even if it was so, why do you haters have to be so judgemental and hateful? Are you that unhappy with your own appearance that you have to bash others to elevate yourselves?


bristal with her Herman munster look



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