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While filming her new reality show, Paris Hilton gave a homeless woman her earrings. A nice gesture … until the woman mistook Paris for Lindsay Lohan.

Whoa. Whoa. Big difference, homeless lady. Let’s be clear. Hilton’s response, filmed for The World According to Paris but which TMZ already has a clip of:

“If I were Lindsay, I would be stealing earrings … not giving them away.” BAM!!

Lindsay and Bader Image

This feud is straight outta 2006. We just need Britney to weigh in.

Lindsay Lohan, naturally, cannot take a joke and is PISSED at Paris, claiming the shot Hilton fired at LiLo on her reality show was just plain “mean.”

Despite the fact that she says she’s taking responsibility for her actions these days, Lindsay is still whining and telling friends, “[Paris] is just mean.”

“You don’t have to make fun of serious matters in people’s lives to be funny.”