The Hangover 2 Producers Sued For Mike Tyson Face Tattoo Ripoff

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If you've seen The Hangover, you know Mike Tyson has a small, but pivotal and hilarious role. He's not in the sequel, but if you've seen The Hangover 2 previews, you know his infamous face tattoo is - when Ed Helms wakes up with it.

The guy who tattooed Tyson in real life years ago is unamused.

S. Victor Whitmill claims he created AND copyrighted the tat he affixed to Mike Tyson's face in 2003, and is suing Warner Bros. in federal court.

Whitmill says he's never allowed anyone to use the image and that the studio violated his copyright by using it on a hung over Helms in the film.

In addition to wanting the scenes cut from the film (don't bet on it) Whitmill is also demanding a cash settlement of an undisclosed amount.

No comment yet from Tyson, who remains certifiably nuts for having that design - however artistic - tattooed on his face. His face.

Ed and Mike

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The tattoo artist had his copyright violated so he is owed monies. Hopefully he sued for 100 million dollars!! Good Luck


Another totally ridiculous case of a greedy stupid American trying to get some cash by suing someone else, get a grip, its a random tattoo (NOT a work of art)
I hope it never gets to court, pathetic :-)


He IS a douche. It's a freaking tribal tattoo, on a celebrity! Please, celebrity tattoos are always copied by someone. Who copyrights a tattoo? Pffftttt.


WB will throw him a bone and make him disappear. I don't get why he is "unamused". Tyson's facial tattoo is infamous, and the fact that they are using it in a highly anticipated film could have brought him so many clients. Now he kinda comes across like a douche.

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