David Letterman Goes Off on Donald Trump

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David Letterman was joking around with Dr. Phil last night, only he wasn't really joking when it came to Donald Trump's criticism of President Obama.

He began by asking Phil about Trump, and Phil didn't really bite. What Dave was really doing was giving himself his own segue to lay into the Donald.

Dave said, flat-out, that beyond the birth certificate, Trump's questioning of Obama - how he got into Harvard, how he wrote his memoirs - is racist.

“It smacks of racism,” said Letterman, noting that while it's all a giant media circus to a degree, “Nobody should be amused by that tactic.”

Trying to diffuse things, Dr. Phil said he doesn’t think Trump “has a racist bone in his body," but rather "just doesn’t think things through.”

Dave scoffed and said if Trump returns to The Late Show - “and I’m not sure that we want him back” - he “ought to be prepared to apologize.”

Trump denied he's racist yesterday, following a similar calling out by CBS News' Bob Schieffer over the mogul's remarks about Obama's grades.

A possible White House candidate in 2012, Trump said he was making a broader point about the President's lack of transparency about his past.

Whether or not you think Donald is out of line, it's nice to see a host not cozying up to celebs by default and actually offering a strong opinion.

Don't you agree? And what do you think about Trump? Racist?

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