Sarah Shahi to Paris Hilton: You Dumb B*tch!

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Sarah Shahi stars on the show Fairly Legal on USA.

She's more than fairly mad at Paris Hilton after the ho-tel heiress apparently failed to watch the road the other day. Shahi unloaded on Paris on Twitter:

"Worst driver ever," the actress wrote. "Almost hit me, then ran a stop sign ... What if there was a kid around the corner, you dumb b----."

The Fairly Legal star did not stop there, either.

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Flowery Paris

Calling Hilton a "blonde piece of sh--," Shahi says in her post she should "apologize to humanity." Why? Because Paris is a "Horrible excuse for a human being."

"I wouldn't be as pissed if I weren't a mom," Shahi, who has son William Wolf Howey, almost 2, says. "What an irresponsible person. What a lame existence."

Maybe Sarah will tell us how she really feels soon.


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First of all a lot of people make mistakes when they are driving. It doesn't make them bad drivers.


LOL at the people defending paris. Idiots leading idiots, I swear.


I understand how she feels I get super angry when people do stupid stuff and I have my sons in the car. Just because you have done the same dumb thing before and nothing happen doesn't mean that this isn't the time you will cause an accident and kill someone's family. SN: How does Paris Hilton still have a driver's license?


That's fucked up.


Wow. I don't like Paris Hilton either, (because she comes off as an immature snob) but this person obviously has a temper. ROAD RAGE.


Sarah was over reacting but she didn't say anything about Paris that is not true, IMHO. In my city it's been drivers not hitting other cars but hitting people that's a problem. In the last month 3 people have been hit (1 died) while crossing the street in a crosswalk WITH a "walk" signal! These people never even slowed at a red light because they were taking a right on red and the people walking had no time to get out of the way. It's been a big deal (rightly so!!) in the news here lately so I totally get why Paris' lack of driving skill would REALLY piss Sarah off. Makes me wonder where all those traffic cops are at times like that?


Looks like another fame biatch wants to get some publicity.
She has to ride on Paris's tail to get noticed. Is this biatch Indian or what? Mouthy biatch.
I would slap her mouth hard to shut her up. How many drivers out there and she has to pick on Paris. Although Paris may be at fault but to rant like a whinning biatch does not make her right. Go away, biatch are not going to make any movies deal by doing that.


I'm glad she went off on paris. I really hate that girl. She thinks she is so hot and everyone should be like her. Paris wouldn't make it in the real world.


Quite a rant considering we all face these type of bad drivers daily. How career and publicity savy to rant on the driver who will make your Tweet famous.


go sarah,,paris is just a spoiled entitaled rich bitch who thinks everyone "just loves her" GAG ME she's sooooooo over rated.

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