Lady Gaga Performs "Judas" Live on Ellen

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As promised, Lady Gaga performed her new hit song "Judas" live on the Ellen DeGeneres Show today, and as expected, she did not disappoint.

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    Oompa loompas don't dress up like Easter bunnies.


    I personally like this song because it brings out the devil in me.Lady Gaga released the song at the perfect time just in time for Easter.She should have dressed her self up as an Easter Bunny and had an egg hunt at the end of the performane.Jesus would have loved it.


    THis was actually a quite "normal" appearance for her. I don't knock her, I just think she could do well without all of the "hype" surrounding her music. Imagine if we never saw the singers we listen to? I remember it like that when I was a kid, you didn't always see or see much of the singers back then due to lack of technology but they sold their records based on their voices. Sure, there were people who were attractive and it got attention but it's so different now. But, I don't think it's going away so I guess she's got to keep up with what the industry wants her to do.


    Without Judas there would have been no betrayal. Without the betrayal there would have been no sacrifice. There would be no Christianity. Good and evil exist together. Humans are imperfect, it cannot be any other way. In other words, Srsly like OMGAGA can't be serious omg? -chews gum-


    HATERS, you can go away from this news!
    Lick my dick, kiss my ass!



    out of the 52 weeks that are in a year why did she have to come up with a song titled Judas in the week before easter? and people say she's not doing stuff on purpose...


    Shits gettin deep....I like my pop music fun n meaningless...that's y I stick w Brit!!!! :)


    brian are you really that vapid that you take the lyrics literally? it's a metaphor for betrayal. she is in love with a man who is constantly betraying her, she wants to be virtuous and do the right thing, but she keeps choosing the dark path....something we all are guilty of. if you did any research on her, you would know she is a very religious, catholic woman. she went to catholic school for 12 years, prays every and god are very important to her. your post is ignorant, uniformed and just plain silly.


    How can Humans Embrace this singer with her lyrics and what she represents? Judas was a traitor to Jesus. To be called a Judas was never a good thing for that reason. Treason was never a good thing.
    Jesus was a Prophet of Love and Peace.

    If light was Jesus with his Love and Peace message and Judas was his traitor than why oh why do people Embrace lyrics like JUDAS GAGA and that she loves Judas? There are Dark Forces in this World and we can clearly see that Humans are not to happy on this planet right now.

    To Embrace this singer is a mistake. Respectfully Humans should know better by now. Love was, is and always will be the only Vibrational Energy for which Humans can Expand and Evolve. Hatred and Judas and Evil have had enough space as it is.

    Be religious or not it does not change the spiritual fact that good is good and Bad is Bad.


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