Kim Kardashian: Moving to NYC For Kris Humphries?

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Stop the presses. Kim Kardashian, the Armenian princess of Calabasas, may be moving to the Big Apple. The reason is simple: Kris Humphries is there.

It's not a done deal yet, but she's talking about it.

With Kourtney & Kim Take New York wrapped for the season, her "work" is mostly based in L.A. Still, the allure of her man may draw her back east ...

Kim K. and Kris

Kris Humphries grabs rebounds for the New Jersey Nets with proficiency, much like Kim grabs $10K for shilling for various products on Twitter. It's a good fit.

Apparently, she's still given this some thought, telling sources: "We have the store in New York so it's obvious that a place in New York would be the next step."

LOL. Sure thing, Kim. You didn't even visit the place ON YOUR REALITY SHOW. How much time do you expect us to believe you spend there on a routine basis?

Anyway, that doesn't matter. If she wants to move to New York to be close to her man, that's awesome. Just don't pretend you work, Kim. It's disingenuous.

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they are so perfect together and she is such a wonderful girl and very beautifull. I'm looking forward to seeing them get merried


Kim hi baby they r jeolous..ur cute and u keep urself nice...every one who writes sumething bad is mad they dont look like u swrety


when is this nasty trash 15 minutes of fame up?
thank God for the remote!


she looks like troll hahaha


Kim aint going anywhere Kris the chief whore wouldn't let her biggest cash cow out of her sight


I know they do not even look good she looks like his little dall he sleeps with but I still love the kardashians so to them good luck with this one


wow you finally had time...guess she so desperate to get married ,hope his the one for miss perfect


they look ridic together.... she looks like his wannabe sexy maid that he took pity on... btw, isnt it creepy that your boyfriend and mother have the same fucking name..

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