Jessica Simpson Sets Up Prenup, "Bonus Plan" For Eric Johnson Before Wedding

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It's good to be Mr. Jessica Simpson, but not THAT good.

Don't get us wrong. Eric Johnson, who will wed the singer/designer this year, worked out a prenup that guarantees him some cash, and he gets to put it to Jessica Simpson in the meantime, so he's living well. Just not THAT well.

According to sources, Jessica's billion dollar brand is being closely guarded, and Eric's compensation if they ever split up will work out as such:

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Picture

BIG WINNER: Eric has some serious assets now. Look at those.

"Eric is on what you might call a vesting plan," said an insider.

"He'll get $500,000 as a wedding present. Then, each anniversary, he'll get another $200,000. If he and Jessica make it to five years, he'll get an additional incentive $500,000 bonus - and a $1 million bonus if they make it to 10 years."

On second thought, he's doing DAMN well. Of course, if he's gonna be married to her 10 years, he'll probably stay married to her, so it's moot.

You have to wonder, though, what Jessica is really protecting here. Is she guarding her own fortune, or essentially paying him to stay married?


She should've stayed with Nick Lachey... He really loved her. The guys that she gets now are all after her assets and money... she is really making herself to look like a desperate bimbo.... but she has her daddy dearest to thank for that...


What's up with the growing marriage for hire trend in Hollywood?!


I would never pay a guy to be married to me. If she feels she needs to do that, maybe she's not sure enough to marry him..


I think she is very smart. He has no job and dropped out of school so he is not contributing financially at all and in 5 years he will have a total of 2 million from the wedding bonus, amount each year and 5 year bonus


kudos to her for being smart and making sure she has a prenup
to protect her assets
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I think Jesscia is completing w Nick. Nick is serious fell in love but jessic. I don't think its romantic, it may be plan to marry and pay ERic the money if he agree to marry Jessica


@Debbie. I was thinking the same thing!! She def looks pregnant in that picture! But maybe its just the dress?!?


I'm not sure they're in love. Jessica needs to be smart. I don't kno abt Eric bu I would set up pre up. I hope Jesscia knows what to do than bing blond dummy


It's not that much money for her.....


I think, she could find (meet) some one better than that Eric.

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